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20+ Photos Proving that Cats and Dogs Relationships Are the Hardest (Cats Are not So Innocent as We May Think)


Did you know that cats are more likely to threaten dogs if they live in one house? That’s why friendly relationships between these animals depend more on the cats than on the dogs. And our article totally confirms this fact!

Bright Side has collected photos of dogs and cats that will prove to you that there’s nothing more dangerous than a cat in a bad mood!

1. I told you not to show up at my house...

2. I have no time to explain, just help me.

3. If I don’t see it, it won’t see me.

4. Are you a dog? I will deck you with one punch.

5. This cushion isn’t as comfortable as it usually is...

6. When the dog realizes I am in the room:

7. Feed me now or I’ll end him.

8. There are 2 of them in the room and I can’t escape...

9. I won’t surrender while I’m still breathing, I won’t surrender while my heart is beating...

10. My cat took his hatred to the next level:

11. Day 3: They’ve figured out that I’m a dog...

12. There is always that one friend...

13. This is the result of the first meeting with the cat:

14. It seems that there is someone who isn’t happy to meet the newest member of our family...

15. I asked you to leave me alone!

16. Is this a trap?

17. Don’t do that! Life is beautiful! We’ve got so much to discover.

18. Fighting like...cats and dogs...

19. Our new сat doesn’t play well with the dog.

20. My tooth hurts. Please check it!

21. I think this cat is up to no good.

22. Please, just let me go!

23. That is the saddest looking dog I have ever seen...

Do you have a cat and a dog living together? How do they get along? Share your photos and stories with us in the comments section below!

Preview photo credit Unknown / Imgur
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