20+ Snapchats of Dogs That Can Make You Bark With Laughter

Some research shows that dogs actually have a sense of humor - something that all dog owners would definitely agree with. Dogs seem to get themselves into all sorts of bizarre situations and they definitely know how to make some hilarious faces. Luckily, almost everybody has smartphones these days and can capture these precious moments in an instant. And when Snapchat gets put in the mix, these pics turn into funny masterpieces.

Bright Side has made a collection of these clever pictures so that you can have a giggle.

1. Hey, what are you doing down there?

2. Centaur, a dog version.

3. Hello, did you miss me?

4. "I'm a cool guy."

5. "Maaaaa, Max is doing it again!"

6. Two dogs in one!

7. "Yay, let's going shopping!"

8. An agreement was eventually made.

9. When your dog belongs in the Harry Potter movies:

10. The moment you realize that you're in big trouble:

11. This new breed is very unique.

12. Oops...

13. You've got the look.

14. Really? And what are you going to do about it?

15. Hello human, how are you doing?

16. You know who the boss is.

17. "How can I help you?"

18. "Mom, can you reassemble me, please?"

19. Gone with the wind!

20. Personal safety equipment comes first.

21. "Deep inside, I am a rooster."

22. "Can you get that thing off me?"

23. We don't deserve dogs.

24. "Hold on, brother."

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