20+ Things Cats Have That Other Animals Can’t Brag About

Even if you are not a cat person, you will still probably agree that cats are amazing creatures. They have a series of qualities and features that make them very different from all other animals on the planet. And we think that this is why these home predators are so incredibly popular all around the world.

We at Bright Side love all animals, but cats have managed to take a special place in our hearts. And if you look at the arsenal they use to win people’s hearts, it becomes pretty obvious why they are the champions.

Everyone is sure that cats are aliens. It’s not even a theory, it is a fact.

Here is the photo of cats descending on the surface of our planet.

Cats hide the black holes in our world.

They meditate several hours per day and can easily help us get to nirvana with their purring.

The pads on their paws have a magical feature: there is no person in the world that can resist touching these things.

Cats are masters of hypnosis. Otherwise, how are they able to make us do whatever they want?

It was cats that taught the Ancient Egyptians to worship the Sun God.

Cats can test our patience in every way possible, for as long as they want. And they never get punished thanks to their natural charm.

While some animals patiently wait for something good to happen, cats just make their dreams come true.

Cats have a special thing with doors: they always have to be on that side, and then on this side, and then on that side again. And it never ends. Doesn’t matter what this door even leads to.

Just like Terminator Т-1000, cats can become any shape they want.

Cats are natural photo models: that’s a fact that doesn’t need any proof.

But this doesn’t mean that they are always eager to take a photo with you.

No other animals can make these eyes.

In general, these small house predators are perfect actors and actresses with a wide specter of emotions and mimics.

How about the famous “I don’t feel good” drama, when cats want attention? Or when they open their bellies and you want to touch them and get caught into the trap!

Cats know how to make us feed them on time. And it’s better to be respectful. For your own good...

Cats are incredibly elegant and this famous gesture is basically iconic now.

These guys should give lessons to us on how to love ourselves and enjoy our lives.

Also, they know how to sneak into our homes. They can just sit in a box and wait for their new owner.

And remember, cats multiply pretty fast.

We totally agree with every single point in this article. Maybe you know of some other things cats do that should be included in this list?

Preview photo credit Ax1osPrax1os / Reddit
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