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20 Animals That Are Too Majestic to Forget

You can hear a hundred times how unique and magnificent nature is but, as they say, seeing it is worth a thousand words. Every rarely-met creature can bewitch and astonish anyone who sees them. And you can consider yourself lucky if you’ve managed to take a shot of these animals. Meanwhile, the most avid photographers manage to turn their discoveries (for example, lobsters) of rare animals into an annual competition.

We at Bright Side take our hats off in honor of nature's creative skills and hope that these 20 photos from our compilation will be liked even by the most indifferent among us.

A rare albino elephant

They should have named her Oreo.

A black jaguar from a Slovakian zoo

Rainbow lobster

Lilac-breasted roller — small but bright!

Miko the fox is a rose champagne color.

This beautiful piebald fawn looks as if it’s wearing a masquerade mask.

This caterpillar looks like a small copy of a Chinese dragon.

This floating blackberry is actually called an oranda, and it’s related to goldfish.

A spotless giraffe

This marine iguana looks as if it’s participating in the shooting of the sequel to Mad Max.

Maybe you’ve heard about the Secretary Bird before, but you have hardly ever seen its eyelashes.

Sometimes Harpy Eagles have a very human face.

Do you believe this really exists on our planet?

The pink grasshopper is real too.

This Striped Hyena looks like a punk rocker!

Scientists call them Red-Eyed Crocodile Skinks, but we still believe they are mini pet dragons.

This Blue Sea Slug’s name is elegance.

We suspect that there may have been panthers in this pit bull’s family tree.

This Armadillo Lizard looks like a modified Mozilla Firefox logo.

Have you ever managed to capture any of nature’s unique and rare creations? We would love to see your pictures in the comments!