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21 Things That Happen to Anyone Who Owns a Dog

Getting a dog changes the owner’s life completely. But how will these changes reveal themselves? What should an owner expect from a four-legged friend? The answers aren’t as clear as you might expect.

Bright Side gathered the most common situations that many new dog owners find themselves in.

Living in a shelter vs the first day home

You can’t hide anywhere from a dog’s love...

What’s wrong? We haven’t hugged for 5 long minutes...

You won’t ever have to eat alone again.

The closer the meat is, the more loyal your dog gets.

Fur is almost everywhere.

You’ll witness your pet’s ingenuity.

After you get a dog, you’ll see a lot of quirky situations...

“This is Trigger. He doesn’t know what happened to the trash can. Offended that you would even ask him.”.

Some of them could be so mysterious that even Sherlock Holmes won’t figure out them.

“I bought a video camera to spy on my dog while I’m not at home. I think he knows about it.”

Your dog’s behavior can’t always be logically explained.

“The dog isn’t allowed on the couch, so this is her daily act of rebellion.”

The dog will always be a part of your life.

The shoes that aren’t hidden, will be chewed.

“A naughty little boy.”

This is how emotional my dog gets when I ask her “Wanna take a walk?”

You will have to take long walks with your four-legged friend, or even run after them.

You’ll witness a lot of funny moments. This, for example, is a photo of a dog’s sneeze.

You’ll have a universal assistant.

We can learn a lot from them. Perseverance, for example.

Or sympathy...

“My roommate’s dog is protecting my kitten from the loud thunder and lightning outside.”

“This dog helped my mom overcome depression and made her a whole new person.”

Your life changes completely when you get a dog.

Do you have a dog or plan to get one? Share your stories with us in the comments.

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