21 Times Animals Behaved Like a Grinch When They Saw a Christmas Tree

Christmas is a time of miracles, and we decorate our homes with garlands and Christmas wreaths. The most important decoration is the Christmas tree, and it always holds a lot of ornaments and tinsel. Children and adults enjoy this festive decoration, but there might be someone who isn't very happy about everything that is happening. Some cats and dogs try to remove the Christmas tree by all means.

Bright Side collected 21 of the funniest photos that illustrate the true feelings of cats and dogs toward Christmas trees. At the end of the article, you'll find a bonus that every pet owner will find useful...and a little bit hilarious.

21. Escape failed!

20. Yes, I did it. So what? Don't look at me this way. Scratch my tummy instead.

19. Whoops! I think I'm stuck.

18. This Christmas tree won't be here tomorrow. I'll eat it completely!

17. Work hard, play hard.

16. Hmm... Something went wrong.

15. Man, look at this! I made it myself.

14. It was such a cool book! I really liked it...and its taste.

13. We should have left, guys.

12. OK, Christmas is not so bad.

11. No regrets.

10. What a comfortable couch!

9. I should pretend to be an ornament. They won't notice me.

8. High 5! Good job, cat gang!

7. Hey, Daddy! The Christmas tree is in my teeth!

6. I'm an angel, pure angel, purr purr purr.

5. Oops! I got caught.

4. A true Grinch!

3. This is our prey!

2. I must overcome my fear of the vacuum cleaner!

1. The higher the altitude, the lower the risk.


Here's how you can protect your Christmas tree cactus:

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Preview photo credit Unknown/Imgur
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