22 Animal Photos That Can Make Any Day Brighter

36% of pet owners stated that having a pet has helped them to lose weight. And this isn’t the only benefit of having a pet. Scientists believe that time spent with playful and friendly animals can make a person relaxed and more positive. Pictures can work as well!

Bright Side suggests you hold an experiment: look carefully through these pictures of cute furry buddies. At the very end of the article, we bet you’ll feel a little bit different.

1. Yin & Yang

2. “So that’s what you call a dog.”

3. A bucket of cuteness

4. Mule nannies are used in Italy to move baby lambs to new pastures.

5. The besties: chick and pug

6. Just a Siberian flying squirrel with a light dusting of snow to melt your heart!

7. “What’s up, bro!”

8. “This cat looks like a gruff old kung fu master.”

9. “True love between a hedgehog and a pine cone”

10. A car with a puppy holder

11. “Those cats...”

12. Unique look

13. Sleeping cat wheel

14. “Izzie the Australian shepherd holding her bear”

15. Momma bird and her babies

16. The best pup walker

17. “He rolled around in sidewalk chalk.”

18. A real Cheshire smile!

19. Is it possible to die from a cuteness overload?

20. Yin & Yang 2.0

21. Pups learning important life skills from mama

22. “We don’t deserve dogs.”

So how was the experiment? Do you feel more positive? Describe your feelings in the comments.

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