22 Treasures Dog Owners Received From Their Pets

All dog owners are familiar with this classic canine greeting behavior when you come back home and your pet excitedly brings you its favorite toy or some other surprise. Some experts claim that the reason lies in a primal instinct that dogs have to bring food or other presents to the pack leader. Others say that this behavior provides an outlet for the extra energy dogs have and it helps them communicate with us.

We at Bright Side have collected some very interesting treasures that dogs have brought their owners.

1. I swear I didn’t steal it…it was just there on the bench…inside the paper bag…

2. I swear I have nothing to do with this...

3. Let me be your Superdog.

4. Never too old, right?

5. Hey, look what I found!

6. I can bring you anything, baby…

7. Are you hungry? I think I could use some French fries right now, what do you think?

8. You should really rethink your diet.

9. I hate cucumbers…but summer's approaching!

10. Believe me…you really need this.

11. Here…buy yourself something nice.

David Beckenham

12. When you’re not home, I’m the key-keeper!

13. I know it’s not real…but where would I find a real hen in the streets nowadays?

14. All those fetch toys are in the past, you know…

15. Good luck on your date!

16. I found something nice for you in the grass…but I accidentally ate it…

17. I missed you so much!

18. It’s autumn at last.

19. How do you like your eggs?

20. It was really hard to fit it in so you better play fetch with me!

21. You’ve got mail, Sir.

22. Now you won’t have to brush my teeth!

Have you ever received some extraordinary presents from your pets? Or maybe from someone else’s? Share your stories and photos with us in the comments below!

Preview photo credit anlyin/Imgur, David Beckenham
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