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23 Animals That Mastered the Science of the Perfect Selfie


The world is crazy about selfies. They’re everywhere and people are ready to do anything to take the perfect shot. But our 4-legged friends have their own opinion on this matter.

Bright Side has collected the funniest animal photos that show us what our pets think about selfies.

23. Who called the zebra?

22. “I tried to make my boyfriend take a cat beard photo.”

21. “Don’t make me suffer, hooman!”

20. Trying to be sexy

19. When you want to get some rest but you’re too cute to be left all alone:

18. This bear knows how to take selfies.

17. Your face when you accidentally switch to your front camera:

16. Got a problem?

15. When you want your girlfriend to take a selfie and she isn’t ready:

14. When you have the same hairstyle:

13. They’re definitely judging you.

12. When your food takes a selfie with you:

11. “I think we drank spoiled milk.”

10. “My dog is taking a selfie of him and my wife.”

9. When a chicken is more photogenic than you:

8. When you’re not a morning dog at all:

7. “Let me show you how to do it.”

6. Mom says my smile is beautiful.

5. “I have to tell you something. We’re getting a cat.”

4. When you decide to take a selfie with your best friend:

3. Back off, temptress.

2. When your work week is finally over:

1. Your Friday night face

Do your pets love selfies? Share some pictures with us!