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23 Hilarious Photographs That Show the Secret Life of Our Pets

We all know that pets can be hilarious. Yet there are some that beat all records in this regard, making our stomachs cramp with laughter.

We at Bright Side chose some of the most ludicrous pieces of animal behavior and now dare you not to laugh out loud when you see them all!

"What? I’m comfy like this."

Someone call an exorcist!

He’s still not quite got the trick of hide and seek.

When you can’t decide whether to sit or lie down.

Just so you know: he’s asleep.

My dog mocks me after workout every time.

It all started as an accidental fall between the cushions, but now it’s his favorite place.

When you’re so tired you become liquid.

If he’s okay sleeping like this, I don’t mind.

He definitely had cats in his pedigree.

Maybe you lost your dog, but he didn’t lose you.

No sense in waiting for the dispenser to cough up, is there?

He’s so sad because he thinks the door is closed.

This one scorns easy ways.

"Help. Please. This dog is too friendly."

"Lie in that thing yourself, human."

I just wanted to take a bath alone for once. My pup thought otherwise.

"Goodbye Mufasa! I’m the king now."

This doggie seems to have no idea of his size.

"You underestimate my power."

The strangest dog habit I’ve ever seen.

The first ever vegan dog.

My pup was so upset when he couldn’t find the ball, so he brought me this.

Do you have a character like these? Share with us!

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