24 Adorable Reasons to Get a Dachshund Right Now

“No one is perfect, but next to a dachshund, you’ll get closer to perfection.” Says one of the oldest Dachshund clubs in Germany and it’s true: the dachshund is an incredible 4-legged creature — they’re active, venturesome, and charming.

Bright Side wants to show you 24 dachshunds that can make you exclaim, “Dachshund, be my friend!”

These dogs will melt even a frozen heart:

They won’t whine. They’ll just go and get what they want.

Their eyes are their weapon.

They take care of your diet.

Dachshunds always support their owners.

They’re small but they can protect you while you sleep.

They’ll always be there to protect you.

They’ll be your navigator.

They’ll weed all the beds.

Their magic paws will make a headache go away and will make you feel happy.

They share your hobbies.

They’re incredibly stylish.

They look amazing even when taking a shower.

Their eyelashes will make you do anything for them.

They can also smile.

They know that to take a gorgeous picture, they have to improvise.

When they don’t weed beds or rescue their masters, they can get some rest.

They’re magnificent designers.

And friends

They always want to have fun.

Dachshunds will protect you from cold weather.

They don’t like to argue — they prefer cuddling.

They cuddle everywhere.

Even a ruthless lion can’t resist.

Do you like these brave and funny dogs? Do you have such a short-legged pet? Share your impressions with us in the comments!

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