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24 People Who Were Totally Against “Those Pets” and Now Can’t Live Without Them

A short while ago, we published a compilation of people who didn’t want to have any animals in their homes. But once they saw and played with these furry creatures, they turned from “no animals in this house,” to “I can’t live without my cat/dog!” That article got a lot of responses and our readers shared similar stories and even posted photos with their beloved pets. There were so many comments that we couldn’t help but make another article on the same topic!

So, without further ado, Bright Side wants to publish the stories of our readers who didn’t even consider having a cat or a dog and now love them so much they sleep in the same beds with them!

“’No cats,’ my mom used to say, and now she tells me how he ate his food and how he spent the day.”

“He said that this dog would never sleep with him in the bed until he taught it to sleep with him.”

“I’ve always said that I would not get a cat!”

“Dogs are supposed to live outside.”

He said, “No animals!”

“My husband was strongly against having a dog. And now he sends me photos every time he works at home.”

“I was scared of cats. About 10 years ago, my friend presented me with this cat. Now he is like a second child.”

“I hate dogs,” he said.

“My husband used to say that cats shouldn’t live in apartments and now he seems to love him more than me.”

“This is who didn’t want the cat. Now they love each other!”

“My husband let me get a dog and told me he would never come close to it. They have loved each other from day 1. I think he loves the dog more than our children!”

“I spent 5 years talking my husband into getting a cat. Now the cat loves my husband more than me and my husband calls himself ’the supreme cat’.”

“My husband wanted to have a dog very much but I didn’t. Now we have this cutie and I have no idea how I would live through the hard times without her.”

“My husband couldn’t imagine having a pet in the apartment, especially a cat. Now I think he loves the cat more than me!”

“My husband didn’t want to have a cat but a neighbor’s cat came by our place. We played with it and had a lot of fun. The next day, I went to a shelter. This is our Snow Queen.”

“I didn’t want any animals at home. But she is so beautiful! And then we got 2 cats. We are a friendly family.”

“My husband used to say that cats should live outside. But we got a cat from a shelter and my husband went insane. He became the cat’s mother. The cat is grown up now but my husband still treats it like a baby.”

“Same story”

Several more stories from our readers

  • My husband always thought that a dog should be at least knee-height. And everything smaller is just a mistake. So I brought a Pomeranian my husband drives to the other part of town to get special meat for him, takes him to the best barber, and gives him his favorite blanket, thinking that the dog likes it.
  • “We will never have pets,” my wife said 4 dogs and 3 cats ago.
  • I hated cats and always was a dog fan. And my husband didn’t want to have any animals at all — until we had a daughter who was a cat fan. Once she learned how to speak, she started begging us to get a cat. We were strong for 3 years and then we caved in. So, what now? We have cats, they sleep with us and yes, I can’t get up if either one of them is on my lap. My goddesses...
  • I have a cat that I didn’t want and I didn’t look for. In fact, I am a complete dog person and I was looking for a small dog but our future cat was lost and spent 2 days crying under our balcony and it as really cold. Anyway, I couldn’t handle son brought her home. Now she follows me and my son everywhere, we feed her on demand, and she sleeps on my pillow. However, my husband is curious about why she doesn’t follow him and he wants her attention.
  • My husband didn’t even want to discuss the idea of having a dog. Now we’re arguing about who is going to walk our dog. We both want to. And they often sleep together.
  • My husband didn’t want to have animals. And I found a kitten. A black one. Anyway, he was really against getting one. And now when he comes home, he says, “Son, come here, Daddy’s home.” I laugh every time.

Do you or someone you know have a similar story? Tell us about your unexpected furry family members down below!

Preview photo credit Olesja Ivanson / facebook