25 Animal Photos That Pull Hard on Your Heart Strings

The Internet has gazillions of animal photos! These photos can be calming, ridiculous, chilling and fascinating. Some make us laugh and some make us cry, but they never leave us feeling indifferent. Maybe that’s because animals are so naturally photogenic, or the fact that we’re subconsciously more attracted to nature than we realized.

We at Bright Side love looking at animal photos and are excited to show you this selection of pictures that will put a smile on your face.

1. We have a squirrel invasion!

2. Fluffiness to the max

3. A cute po-po puppy on his first day

4. “They say I can be anything, so I became a mermaid.”

5. “Stop running!”

6. “These fries are yummy, my diet starts Monday.”

7. Dogs don’t care if you’re rich or poor, they just love you.

8. “Because I want to sit like this, okay?”

9. “He shall be called...Cinnamon Roll.”

10. “Am I cute or what?”

11. “Do you accept credit cards?”

12. He looks so proud of his accomplishment!

13. “What if I say please?”

14. “I have no regrets, human.”

15. Stress relief exercise

16. The 3 huskateers

17. “So, I hear you like cute little animals...”

18. “Frank, man, you’re alive!”

19. “Oops, I think I’m stuck.”

20. When you hear she likes tall guys:

21. That’s just so sweet.

22. It was a long day...

23. “My very special smile”

24. It’s nice to have a friend when you’re down and out.

25. Oh no, the furniture is shrinking...

Do you have some cute and adorable photos to add to our collection? Put them in the comments and share with us!

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