25 Animals That Can’t Hide Their Emotions Anymore (and We’re Happy About It)

Do you think animals can express themselves? If you believe in the theories of Charles Darwin, then yes, animals do have emotions and they do have the ability to express themselves. In fact, he claimed that human emotions were derived from the similar mechanism that led to the existence of emotions in animals.

The Bright Side team had a fun time collecting photos of some click-worthy emotions and moods expressed by animals. Have a look!

1. Ask her “Whats wrong” and she says “Nothing.” And then, you get to see this face for the rest of the day:

2. You talking to me?

3. What? There is a tax on eating leaves too now?

4. Posing for a photograph

5. Mom has fallen asleep. I can sneak into the fridge now.

6. Selfies make me blush!

7. Whatever!

8. A way to hide from your ex?

9. Another way to hide your face?

10. OMG, really?

11. I promise I won’t steal food again...

12. I bought property on the Moon. Goodbye, human!

13. Why does it feel like a tickle and no danger?

14. I don’t mean to laugh at you but... you are too funny!

15. Hangover!

16. Could you crop out the background, please?

17. Do you think I should register for a beauty pageant?

18. How many times do I have to tell you to pick up your stuff off the floor?

19. Just go! I want to be alone!

20. Don’t you mess with me.

21. You can’t be serious!!

22. I have been asking for food for the third time in a row...

23. Can’t stop laughing!

24. You are just too funny!

25. You mean she just ran away with him?

Did we just make you teary-eyed from laughter? Share your funniest pet photos with us in the comments section below!

Preview photo credit George Cathcart Photography
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