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25+ Flights With Unusual Passengers: Cute, Adorable, and Sometimes Bizarre

For some, flying is not just a comfortable and fast way to reach their destination — it’s also a sensitive experience. For this reason, airlines allow pets onboard if they are qualified (with an official letter) as an emotional support or service animal. These pets provide the necessary support to their humans, behave well, and make everyone around them smile and deal with the flight better.

Bright Side made a list of very unusual flight passengers who have mastered the art of blending in. Which one would you wish to have around during your next flight? In our bonus at the end, you will get to see why economy class is not that bad after all.

27. The classic airplane contemplation of life!

26. Kung Fu Panda always rides first class!

25. Me and my girlfriend dreaming about our future.

24. And they say penguins don’t fly!

23. What? I thought we were flying south!

22. Well, if penguins fly, then pigs do too!

21. I wish somebody was holding me like that.

20. The best poker face ever!

19. I’m a big and scary dog!

18. Flying south for the winter in style!

17. An ordinary question at check-in: Would you prefer to sit next to a crying baby or a baby cheetah?

16. The best cat smuggler, except for the ears!

15. You do NOT want to bring your pet mouse on this one.

14. That’s what long flights do to me.

13. Honey, even that kangaroo has a pearl necklace!

12. Oh goodness! Make this end, pleeeeease! I promise I’ll always let my human pet me!

11. Detected!

10. Oh great. I wanted to sleep, but now I gotta talk to this guy.

9. Would you like some water? Are you a little hoarse?

8. Do not pet because I’m not a pet! I’m a petsenger!

7. Oh goodness! Make it stop! I’ll never eat my human’s shoes ever again! I promise!

6. Captain, it’s time to take your seat!

5. Honey, even dogs fly first class!

4. Excuse me, sir. Can I see your ticket?

3. Like human, like pet!

2. I thought it was a stuffed animal!

1. We wish you all a top koalaty flight!

Bonus: And we complained about the space in economy class...

Do you think pets should be allowed onboard for a fee? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.

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