25 Pets That Crave Our Love More Than Anything

Animals that are locked up in shelters, thrown away into the street, or that suffer at the hands of careless owners aren’t living happy lives. But once they find a home, a family, or an owner, they change beyond recognition: they start smiling all of a sudden and begin jumping and playing. But most noticeably, their eyes start to light up and they finally appear to be truly happy.

Bright Side found out that even though animals can’t say “home,” they understand what it means and they flourish in loving hands.

1. “Last July, a stray kitten came into my office and looked at me, as if to say, ’You’re my human,’ so I adopted her. Today, this happened. I guess now I’m the owner of another good girl.”

2. “No one wanted to adopt him because of his cropped ears and ’scary’ face. Now Bronco is healthy, always smiling, and loved by everyone he meets.”

3. “Got him from someone who was neglecting him. He didn’t even have the energy to stand. Now, Felix is a very happy boy and loves to run around.”

4. “Meet Roxy. We’re her fifth and final home. She didn’t trust that we weren’t going to leave her for the first 2 days but now she knows she’s found her forever home.”

5. “My boy Roger at the shelter and 7 months later”

6. “He was given up in 2016 for being ’too much work,’ but now he’s our goofy, sweet couch-hog who’s just had his fourth birthday!”

7. “His water hadn’t been changed in 3 years! Popeyes is now mine and happy that he can at least see out of his tank and have some new things to swim around!”

8. “3 years ago, Buddy was abandoned at a pig farm and mistreated. Nobody fed him for months until he was discovered and rescued. Now he’s a healthy bud in our family.”

9. “Before and after a cat adoption: I fed him for 4 months outside then captured him. He was most likely left behind in my apartment complex by previous owners. He’s awesome.”

10. “Fed junk food and never given any exercise, Shiloh couldn’t walk more than 32 feet at once. 3 months later, she’s lost 30 pounds and can walk nearly a mile without stopping!”

11. “After being found in a dumpster, abused, and passed over for adoption for years, Oscar finally found his forever home and will never be abused again!”

12. “We adopted this scruffy bag of bones a year ago. Now he’s our little angel!”

13. “Found malnourished and dehydrated in the Texas heat, she’s now a beloved part of our family! This is Shea before and after adoption, 6 months apart.”

14. “This handsome lad from Mexico 4 days after he stopped being a street dog”

15. “Someone had put hot glue on this baby, causing the hair on his nose and ear to burn off. 5 months later, my baby got all his hair back.”

16. “This is my Koda Bear the day before he got adopted and a few months after!”

17. “My cousin saw this 20-lb senior cat available for adoption. After a year of love, dieting, and proper care, Roger has lost 5+ pounds. He’s still a big boy but he’s happy and active.”

18. “1 year ago, my girlfriend and I saved this boy from a kill shelter. Kevlar had his teeth filed down and suffered from arthritis. Today, he’s happier and healthier than ever.”

19. “Trojan cat! After seeing this stray little girl, I convinced my hubby we needed to adopt her ASAP. Once we got her home, 4 more popped out!”

20. “Their eyes said, ’Adopt me!’ and we did!”

21. “After 4 years on the street, Annie found her home with my parents.”

22. “I stroked this cat 6 months ago and now every day it sits outside my building, waiting for more love. I can’t give it a home because it has a collar but I try to pet him whenever I see him.”

23. “’Why would you want a stray cat? It’s going to be sick and unattractive,’ they said.”

24. “It took 2 weeks just to hold them and another 1.5 months to make them friendly. But here’s the result!”

25. “Meet Toast, a Scottish Fold and British Shorthair mix.”

Have you ever adopted a kitty or a puppy from a shelter? We’d love to see your pets’ transformations in the comments!

Preview photo credit dxhan25 / Reddit
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