25 Rare Animals That Seem to Come From Another World

Animal species extinction is an evident and disastrous problem the world is facing nowadays due to human activity. Scientists say that about a dozen species become extinct every day. This means that some of the animals that make this planet so bright and beautiful will soon disappear for good. Photography can by no means save them, but it can make us aware of what bizarre and extraterrestrial creatures we’re losing. It’s hard to believe they haven’t come here from far-away places when you look at them!

We at Bright Side are totally flabbergasted by these amazing creatures and want you to see them, as well.

1. The Wild Albino Wallaby would definitely win the cuteness overload contest.

2. The rare Blue Owl whose feather color is as mesmerizing as the color of its eyes.

3. The rare Albino Sulcata Turtle looks so diabolical, you’d be scared regardless of its small size.

4. The White Cuscus (don’t confuse it with the food couscous) is a marsupial, meaning that it has a pouch.

5. The Glass Butterfly proves that beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

6. The Pacific Spine Lumpsucker has a special cup on his belly to attach to surfaces.

7. The Kakapo — a large, flightless, nocturnal, ground-dwelling parrot of New Zealand.

8. The rare Albino Whale — a mass of beauty, power, and grace at the same time.

9. Marine Iguana — the only aquatic iguana in the world!

10. The Sailfin Dragon, whose main problem now is extreme habitat loss.

11. A weird deep sea fish, Lamprey, has a face only a mother could love.

12. The Greater Sage Grouse does look greater than other birds.

13. The Troll-haired Bug has a hairdo all punks would envy so much.

14. The Strobing Cuttlefish is so cute and pretty you actually want to cuttle, oops, cuddle it!

15. The Hammerhead Bat is so unique, we do believe it came from another planet.

16. The Vietnamese Mossy Frog looks like it has been eaten and then spat out.

17. The Southwestern Spiny-Tailed Gecko has skin that seems to be covered in black and white caviar.

18. The Mary River Turtle possesses a valuable skill of double respiration and wears a striking fringe.

19. The Vulturine Guineafowl has a dazzling suit ready to impress.

20. The Albino Pink Belly Sideneck can be easily mistaken for a snack.

21. The Exotic Praying Mantis clearly says it all — aliens are among us.

22. The Purple Vampire Crab does look like the mythical creature it’s been named after.

23. The Spanish Dancer Fish

24. The Comet Moth — one of the biggest butterflies in the world found in Madagascar.

25. The Sea Angel — a small swimming sea slug who is a predator despite its size.

Isn’t it breathtaking how diverse our planet’s fauna is? New species are hiding around the corner to be discovered and classified and this quest will never end!

Who’s your favorite “alien” creature out of these? Please share in the comments section below!

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