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25+ “Unwanted” Pets Who Won Over the Toughest Dads Around

Adopting a cat, dog, or any other animal and accepting it as part of the household is a big responsibility. That’s why some dads are reluctant to get a pet — well, at first, anyway. Pets know how to do their job and work their magic, suddenly winning over even the most unwilling of people. And the first to fall for their furry little legs are usually the tough guys at home who want to be in charge. And that’s exactly what happened to the people in the pictures we compiled from Reddit. But we have to admit that we’re very happy they changed their minds.

Bright Side believes that pretty much everyone likes the company of a pet. Those who say otherwise only do so because they haven’t ever had one or because they want to look cool. But deep down inside, they were just waiting for a puppy to cuddle with. And the pictures below are proof of this.

1. “We really don’t need another one.”

2. “There’s no way we’re getting another dog again!’ And then 6 months later, Vinnie joined our home.”

3. “It’s too hot to have this dog sitting on me like this...’ I offered to call him over to me ’but no it’s okay...’ Here’s another angle of him with the spoiled boy he didn’t want.”

4. “He used to hate cats. Now he ’doesn’t want to mistreat them by getting up.’”

5. “Pupdate: My dad now swaddles/cuddles Louie (the dog) when there’s a thunderstorm.”

6. “Dad: ’Don’t get a pig!’ And here’s Dad and the pig...”

7. “I didn’t want a cat.”

8. “I think dads say they don’t want pets because they can’t handle the bond they form with them.”

9. “He said small dogs were useless literally 30 minutes before this photo was taken.”

10. “A perfect example of how opinions can change — today, he’s a cat dad!”

11. “My dad rocking the cat who wasn’t allowed in ’his chair’ but here he is, looking pleased as a peach.”

12. “Keep that mongrel away from me!”

13. “He keeps threatening to ’put him back in the alley where he found him.’”

14. “Against my dad’s wishes (and allergies), I brought a cat home 2 years ago. Here he is, laying down and fishing out cat toys from under the fridge with said cat.”

15. “My boyfriend who ’doesn’t like rodents’ bonding with my 2 ferrets this weekend over a bit of raw egg — he calls them his babies now.”

16. “After having no pets for 32 years, I begged for the last 2.5 years for a cat and he said, ’I just don’t know.’ Not even a week here, and he’s such a daddy’s boy already!”

17. “He’s not allowed in the house, on the new carpet, upstairs, and definitely not on the sofa!”

18. “If you get a new puppy, I won’t want anything to do with it. I won’t let it out. I won’t touch it. I won’t feed it. You’re fully responsible. I want nothing to do with it. Deal?”

19. “The cat is always such a pest!” — my husband

20. “Don’t you dare get a cat, I hate cats.”

21. “We don’t need a third dog.”

22. “My dad says ’animals are for eating, not for pets.’”

23. “From calling him ’the big black thing’ to ’I can’t get up yet, he’s using my arm as a pillow!’”

24. “My husband who didn’t want a cat loves our cat so much.”

25. “We have too many pets! No more!”

26. “I hate cats. If you get a cat, I’m not going to visit.’ Now he comes with us on walks and lures her over with treats.”

27. “From ’We’re not keeping her, I’m taking her to the pound tomorrow,’ to rubbing her belly and putting his face against hers...”

28. “I don’t want any extra responsibilities...but maybe just extra cuddles.”

29. “I would never sleep with a dog, I wouldn’t even acknowledge him.’ This is the first time they met. Now they sleep together from time to time.”

How did your parents react when you brought an “unwanted” pet into your home? Did that pet win them over? How did they do it?

Preview photo credit PoodlePopXX / Reddit