26 Animals That Can Make You Explode With Laughter

We’ve known for a long time that the best cure for depression is pets. That’s why there is nothing surprising about the fact that sometimes we bond with our pets so much that we allow them to do a little more than we probably should. Animals love to fool around! For example, the horse from our compilation loves playing with zippers — we even found a sleeping dog that looks like a skull!

Bright Side decided to collect 26 photos of animals that know how to easily improve the moods of the people around them.

1. “I sprained my ankle, so my cat decided to elevate her paws in solidarity.”

2. “When your cat not-so-subtly hints that she wants your attention”

3. “All grown up and still in love”

4. When you first get in the shower and check the temperature first:

5. A really violent cat

6. “Exhausted from a life of failed attempts, my dog fell asleep after she finally accomplished her elusive goal.”

7. Big cats like laser pointers too.

8. “Dobby only brings me her pink bunny when I’m not feeling well. It’s the bunny we bought her when she was sick, so clearly it has feel-better medicine in it.”

9. Another universal prank

10. “This is how I found her when I came home.”

11. “My French bulldog kept interrupting our outdoor movie night.”

12. A small panda saw a rock.

13. “Before and after telling my dog that she was a good girl”

14. A horse tries out the zipper

15. “This is a giant antelope skull I found in the desert. Just joking, it’s my dog sleeping.”

16. “There’s something on your head... I’ll take care of it!”

17. “My puppy places all of his toys on his bed and then sleeps on the floor. Go figure.”

18. “My dog loves playing with his ball.”

19. “Make sure it’s a good one, Bob.”

20. “My dog thought she was so sneaky when she didn’t want to come inside.”

21. “This is what cat engagement photos would look like.”

22. “Johnny, I told you to stay quiet!”

23. Loving his job a bit too much...

24. “Weird looking dogs — don’t approach!”

25. “This one loves to cause trouble.”

26. Ninja cat

Do you have any funny pictures of your pets? Share them in the comment section below!

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