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26 Invisible Animals Who Are the Absolute Champions of Hide and Seek

In wild nature, some animals and insects have to disguise themselves to hide from predators or, on the contrary, to hunt. Our beloved pets don’t have to do this to survive, but it looks like they haven’t lost this skill and still use it at the most unexpected times.

Bright Side found pictures of both: wild animals hiding from someone and pets puzzling their owners.

1. Guess which is the real one.

2. Spot the cat.

3. 3D carpet

4. Perfect match

5. Cute little seahorse

6. Do you see anyone?

7. Green caterpillar on a green leaf

8. Find the dog.

9. Underwater camouflage

10. Here is the professional.

11. Looks like a leash in the air!

12. Double camouflage

13. This is why it’s really hard to spot an owl.

14. Guess that’s why it’s called the leaf insect.

15. See the gecko?

16. Snow white

17. Hopefully, no one will step on it.

18. Cats are the champions of camouflage.

19. Absolute champions!

20. In any environment.

21. Especially in the wild.

22. And this puppy is pretty good too.

23. Perfectly flat spider

24. This looks quite dangerous.

25. And this is just monumental!

26. Master of disguise

Do you have a pet who is a master of camouflage? Tell us about your pets in the comments, and share your pictures of them.

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