25 Daring Animals That Act Completely Unpredictably

Animals bring fun and joy to our lives, but sometimes they get into strange situations that surprise us and even themselves.

Bright Side gathered the funniest creatures that appear before us in really awkward ways.

25. And suddenly humanity is about to go extinct. Doggies can pet themselves without any help! They don’t need us anymore.

24. “How my boyfriend’s mom’s cat sits.”

23. “My wife’s always angry when I don’t close the kitchen cupboard. Today she showed me the reason.”


— Help! I want to report my missing owner!

— OK. How long has he been missing?

— Almost 20 minutes already!

21. When you have a boar instead of a dog.

20. “My wife’s been blaming me for not flushing before I go to bed. I’ve been blaming the kids for not flushing when they wake up in the middle of the night. Nobody would own up to it... Then one day, I entered the bathroom.”

19. “I woke up with no pillows on my bed. Couldn’t figure out where they had gone until I found this dude making himself comfortable on the sofa.”

18. “Let’s talk about some cat facts today.”

17. Good Boys organization.

16. A hostel for cats.

15. “I was sitting in the office when suddenly THIS appeared.”

14. “Some cats bring their humans birds and mice. My cat brings me teabags.”

13. When you’re not just a cat, but also an angel.

12. “I was taking a bath and suddenly...”

11. “On board the plane, someone was snoring. I kicked their seat a bit. Snoring stopped, and this dude looked out.”

10. Comfortable observation post.

9. “This little guy took refuge from the fireworks on the front porch.”

8. When you can’t resist your dreams.

7. Comfort level: cat.

6. He finally did it.

5. “Came home and saw this.”

4. One very tired passenger.

3. Such a neighbor won’t give you the answers on a test.

2. “Once I saw a hanging cat. I got scared and decided to check her. She was fine. Just a bit tired.”

1.“My dog brought me some dirt today.”

Do you also have pets? Have they done anything extraordinary or funny? Share their photos with us in the comments!

Preview photo credit AwwwwCats/twitter, Axeeel/imgur
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