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32 Perfectly Timed Photos, Each of Them Being a Chance in a Thousand

Each moment of our life is unique and magnificent. Of course, we can’t stop life, but we can capture amazing pictures with the help of a camera.

Bright Side gathered photos that were taken at just the right time.

The real Phoenix

This dog is probably trying to catch the best snowball in the world.

I can look at this wave forever.

A guy caught a fish that turned him into the elephant man.

“My sister’s dropping me in this picture.”

A frog is there, and its legs are here.

You can get the coolest photo with the help of your mates.

Dandelion sunset

A wasp carrying a fly

A snowy owl during landing

This dog’s really surprised!

One second before the inevitable...

A flood is bad; a relevant advertisement is good.

Again, one second before the inevitable...

It’s time to call an exorcist.

Just the right time for a vacation! Even the dogs have already flown here.

Everything is amazing in this photo.

The strangest photo of a match!

A mackerel with an open mouth

They tried.

This dog’s fur suits the water’s edge.

A wave crashing over a rock

A firework

Not a pea. The sun.

Almost The Thinker

“Tiger dehydration”

When a hat really suits you:

This bear’s always been dreaming of elephant ears.

They can levitate. And what do you know about foxes?

This octopus is ready to attack.

This is even cooler than swimming with them.

Marilyn Monroe parody: alternative location.

Do you have any accidental awesome pictures? Share in the comments with us!

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