34 Handsome Animals Who Are Always Ready to Pose for the Camera

Until recently, it was thought that animals couldn't smile and that their expressions were no more than reflexes moving their facial muscles. But several new studies, including Dr. Nicholas H. Dodman's research, confirm that animals are expressing happiness when they smile — just like human beings. And it’s not just about happiness. Animals can also feel and express emotions like fear, sadness, anger, jealousy, and embarrassment. They’ve even got a sense of humor and the ability to laugh.

Some of them are professional posers, and some are just natural, but they all know which pose to strike and face to make when the camera is on.

Bright Side is happy to present you with the most photogenic creatures in nature.

1. This little crab-eating macaque is one happy monkey. But, hey, living on the beach in Thailand and eating crabs…who wouldn’t be?

2. I’m a natural poser! I’m getting a bone after this, right?

3. You're funny!

4. Wait! Don’t shoot! What should I do with my hands? Ah, OK. I’ll just leave them here.

5. Who’s the man? I’m the man!

6. Look right into my eyes…your body is fully relaxed... your eyelids are heavy…

7. I’m so glad you came! I’m a bit hungry, though…

8. How do you like my new haircut?

9. Take a photo of me as if I’m thinking about eternity.

10. I know there’s something you want to tell me…

11. This is my best angle!

12. Just take a photo of me with a flower as if I don't see you.

13. What did you think? Turtles can smile too! We just need a good reason.

14. I’m just a nice person.

15. I’m not sleeping — I’m posing.

16. Hmmm... Maybe I should make a duck face...

17. We are professional water ballerinas. Take photos of us while we’re working.

18. This shampoo will do miracles for your hair!

19. Watch and learn from the selfie master.

20. Do you wanna take a photo of me? OK…but quickly.

21. Follow me, darling.

22. The face I usually make when my wife’s parents are coming for a visit:

23. Sincerity is the key to happiness...and to a nice photo.

24. I heard there’s a photo shoot out here. No photo shoot happens without me. I’ll make your picture perfect!

25. Take a photo, and get out!

26. Girls are crazy about me, and these are all natural!

27. Oops!

28. I’m so gorgeous I should be on the cover of Vogue!

29. Cheese! I have a great dentist, by the way.

30. They say you look thinner by doing this.

31. Oh my goodness! Real people! I should definitely post this one.

32. Relax, and be yourself.

33. "How you doin'?"

34. I am not playing hard to get. I am hard to get!

Do you have any pets who are crazy about photo shoots? Or maybe just tremendously photogenic? Lighten up our mood a little by sharing their photos with us in the comments.

Preview photo credit unknown/Imgur
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