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8 Simple Yet Effective Ways to Pet-Proof Your Home


Most pet owners encounter the problem of saving their furniture from scratches and chewing. It is a fact that some cats have preferences for particular materials, especially the expensive fabrics that our couches and armchairs are made of. And dogs have a need to chew everything around until they are taught which items are acceptable and which are not.

We at Bright Side decided to compile some simple but effective tips on how to pet-proof your furniture. There is also a bonus at the end that shows the perks of having a cat or a dog.

1. Put some home fragrance in places that you want to be saved.

Animals are very sensitive to smells. You should already know which smells your pet hates. Some of them can’t stand the smell of lemons, for others it’s alcohol. So if you put some home fragrance with a specific smell, for example, on a shelf or a table where you have souvenirs, it can scare away the pet.

2. Stop the access to your furniture with a scratching post.

Put up a scratching post can be a way to stop your pet from turning to your furniture for scratching. Normally cats like armrests, so adjust the scratching post exactly in front of it. Every time your pet comes to a favorite scratching place, it will meet an obstacle and slowly get used to a new scratching surface. You can put several posts in your apartment.

3. Put an armrest tray on your couch.

8 Simple Yet Effective Ways to Pet-Proof Your Home

To save the most accessible and attractive spots on your couch from scratching and biting, just put flexible trays on the armrests. You can purchase them in furniture stores like Ikea. This will protect the couch not just from your pet, but also from drinks.

4. Correct unwanted behavior with a water gun.

Don’t get mad and angry when you see your pet chewing or scratching the furniture. Just keep a water gun nearby and each time that your pet might damage something, just spray it with some water. It is better than firmly saying “No” and sooner or later your pet will realize that it’s better to not touch that spot.

5. Use special sprays for your furniture.

To protect your stuff from chewing and scratching you can buy a special spray. It is different for cats and dogs. It contains only natural and not dangerous ingredients, so your pet is safe. Just cover the furniture with that spray. You aren’t going to feel anything because the scent is undetectable for people, but it is the opposite for animals.

6. Install pet gates in your apartment.

To prevent your pet from going into certain rooms, install pet gates that you can purchase online. They fit in any doorway and they are a good solution for a bedroom when you want your bed to be fur-free, but still want to be able to see your furry friend.

7. Apply “sticky paws” on your furniture.

Sticky Paws are transparent strips that look like tape. You can apply them anywhere you want and they won’t leave a residue after you remove them. Animals don’t like sticky surfaces, so they will simply stay away and everyone will be happy.

8. Don’t leave your pet alone without a toy.

Pets have a lot of energy, especially the young ones. Pay attention to which kinds of toys your pet likes more and each time you leave them alone, give them their favorite toy to entertain them. For a cat, it can be a hanging toy attached to a scratching post. For a dog, it can be something to chew.


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Have you ever experienced a problem with ruined furniture? Do you have any more useful tips to share with us? Write a comment below if you liked our hacks.