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Animals ready for the summer

Summer is upon us and as the temperature is rising we are getting ready to enjoy (and cope with) the heat. Our furry friends are no different. Here are some fun moments of them hitting the beach, cooling off with some ice cream, and relaxing in the sun.

Just relaxing in the sun with his cool shades on.

Now that's a new way to eat ice cream!

The color coordination of this beach outfit is so cute.

Who knew donkeys liked the beach so much?

This is the life, my friend...

It's too hot to do anything...maybe tomorrow.


Sea lions are pretty relaxed animals, but sunbathing takes it to the next level.

These bulldogs look so happy to be at the beach.

Watermelon always reminds me of the summer.

Pigs are actually really good swimmers.

This almost looks surreal.

Seems like squirrels really love ice cream.

This seal pup enjoying the sun is the cutest thing.

Preview photo credit Flickr/Beachfront solutions
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