Here’s why you should feel special if your cat adores snuggling on you

Here’s why you should feel special if your cat adores snuggling on you

We often get frustrated when cats use us as pillows. But we love our fluffy friends so much that we just can’t resist their charm, and so we allow them to sleep on our chest, laps, or even our head. British scientists decided to find out why cats like snuggling up to their owners so much and came up with three theories.

We at Bright Side are happy that cats don’t consider us as their slaves. Or maybe they are just pretending to be cute?

Warmth and healing powers

Cats normally have a higher body temperature than humans do, so they simply need more warmth to keep their body heat up. We lose most of our body heat through our head — perhaps this is why our cats like perching there!

People have long believed in the healing power of cats. However, their ’supernatural’ abilities can also be easily explained. Very often, the area where we feel pain has a slightly higher temperature. Cats feel this and snuggle the sore spot to get that warmth.

A pleasing scent

An owner’s scent attracts their cat. They especially like the smell of women who have pleasant-smelling much so that they may start licking the lady’s hair.

But be careful: a cat’s saliva may have harmful bacteria that can affect the health of your skin and hair.


Being close to you and picking up your scent might also give your kitty a sense of comfort and safety.

Having guests in your house may disrupt your cat’s routine and make them feel uncomfortable and depressed. If this is the case, your kitty will prefer sleeping with you for security.

These theories seem really probable, don’t they? However, we can never truly know the reasons behind a cat’s behavior as the only way to find out is to ask your fluffy friend.

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