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It’s impossible to look at this and not want to have a dog

They’re always happy and totally loyal. They enjoy life to the full with us, and they’re always by our side in tough times. They calm us down, make us laugh, support us, and amaze us. They’re the definition of the perfect friend. That’s right, we’re talking about dogs, of course.

Here are a few dogs whose friendship with their owners will clearly last a lifetime.

Life is never boring with this guy!

You can always trust your dog to look after what's most important.

Dogs know what it means to be loyal. This one was rescued from a shelter by its owner. When a fire started in his apartment, his four-legged friend saved his life by sounding the alarm.

They grow into adults seemingly before our eyes.

They trust us completely.

And, in turn, we can always depend on them.

They know how to have fun...

...but they can be serious when the moment requires it.

Sometimes they behave exactly like us.

They have big, big hearts.

They're always a good companion in the mornings.

And they keep us calm while we sleep.

They're always in the right place at the right time.

They're prepared to go to the ends of the Earth with us.

They're never afraid to get up to no good alongside us.

They're happy when we're happy.

They're always ready to play with the kids.

They always have their own funny little habits.

They love relaxing just as much as we do.

They're experts at hide and seek.

And they just love going for a run.

They never miss a single family photo.

They can be best friends to our kids.

They pick up any new trick in no time.

They're highly sociable.

They have absolutely no fear.

Sometimes, our lives can depend on them. This dog, who goes by the name of Jack Black, is now in the Guinness Book of Records for the fastest rescue of a drowning person. He managed to get someone out of the water in just one and a half minutes.

This guy never wanted a dog originally, but now look at them together!

The phrase 'friends for life' has never been so appropriate.

A friendship tested by experience.

Follow your dog's example - always be happy!

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