Meet Dog, a Fish Vendor From Vietnam Who’s Crashing The Internet With His Cute Looks

This cute 3-year-old cat named Chó which means "Dog" in Vietnamese, has become an internet sensation overnight thanks to his recently released street vending pics. The cat is owned by 25-year-old Le Quoc Phong who just loves experimenting with his looks.

Bright Side decided to bring some of Dog's bests to you in one adorable list. If you want to know Chó's favorite food, keep scrolling.

Chó likes to play street vendor. People in Vietnam know him quite well. In fact, he has celebrity status around there.

Chó's favorite place to hang out is at the fish market.

But fish aren't the only things Chó likes to sell.

He also sells meat.

Chó sells flower too.

Here, Chó is at a local shop selling jackfruit.

Chó also sells vegetables. Needless to say, this little guy increases sales significantly.

Chó loves his many fans and never disappoints.

Even after all this wandering around the fish market...

This is what Chó likes to do the most.

Chó also likes to cosplay! Here he is as Chó the Pawliceman.

And Chó the gangsta.

Chó the army man.

And here's some traditional attire for special occasions.

Dog the Cowboy! We like the sound of that.

Captain Ameowrica.

Chó the Mewsician.

Isn't Chó pawwwsome? Did you enjoy the cute meow-ments with this purrfect little cat? Let us know in the comments. Don't fur-get to share this with your fur-ends!

Preview photo credit Lê Quốc Phong / facebook
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