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Not All Cats Are Jerks: 15 Friendly Cat Breeds That Will Actually Give a Fluff About You

Some people adore cats, while others aren’t really the biggest fans of the furry felines. The reason for that is the stigma surrounding them that they are not friendly, that they dislike you and consider you their slave, and other feline urban legends... We absolutely disagree! All cats are little angels, but some more than others!

Not All Cats Are Jerks: 15 Friendly Cat Breeds That Will Actually Give a Fluff About You

We at Bright Side are here to fight that stigma, so we have prepared to show you 15 of the sweetest, most loving, and adorable kitten breeds there are!

1. Scottish Fold

Due to thousands of years of domestication, this breed of cats is very family and kid-friendly. The Scottish Folds just need some attention and you will instantly fall in love with them.

Here is a fun fact about them, they are not just famous for their curled ears, but also for the strange, hilarious, human-like poses they make! Unique, aren’t they?

2. Exotic Shorthair

Don’t let their angry facial expression fool you, Exotic Shorthairs are absolute sweethearts and love to cuddle! They are also relatively low-maintenance and don’t get fooled — they’re not fat, they’re just big boned.

The famous cartoon cat Garfield was an Exotic Shorthair. But don’t worry, the real cats are a lot more friendly.

3. Birman

Birmans are very affectionate and friendly and if you want a kitten that will keep you company and cuddle — this breed is perfect for you.

The story of origin of the Birmans is pretty interesting. It is said that this cat descended from a feline that a priest possessed in Myanmar many years ago. One day, thieves attacked the priest and his cat laid beside him to keep him company. After this show of affection the cat’s fur became golden and its eyes — blue.

4. Abyssinian

Abyssinian cats are very playful, but will always find time to relax in your lap and purr their way into a nice little nap. They get along very well with humans, other cats, and even dogs.

They also have the potential to be movie stars! An Abyssinian starred in a movie from 1978 called The Cat From Outer Space where an alien kitten crashes its space ship on Earth. If that’s not worth checking out, then we don’t know what is.

5. Ragdoll

If you are a dog person, but you’ve always wanted a cat — the Ragdoll breed is just for you! They are the most dog-like cats out there. They will wait for you to get home, follow you around, and cuddle up next to you. You could teach them to fetch you stuff too!

They are surrounded by mystery and conspiracy theories, mostly started by their “creator” Anne Baker. One of them claims these cats contain alien DNA! Spooky, huh? In any case, these kittens are very loveable and different is good, right?!

6. Manx

Manx cats are very sweet and mellow cats that love their owners and love being around them.

A fun fact about them, or more specifically about their tail (or lack thereof), states that they were running late to Noah’s Ark and when he slammed the door shut it severed their tail. A more believable theory is that they were mixes between rabbits and cats — cabbits! Cute, isn’t it?

7. American Curl

Yet another very friendly cat breed is the American Curl. They are playful, affectionate, and a great cat if you have children or other pets.

They also love giving headbutts, no, not those headbutts! The sweet, soft ones showing how much they care about their owner!

8. Maine Coon

Maine Coons are not called “gentle giants” for nothing! They exhibit friendliness, as well as playfulness and intelligence. Some of them can be as big as a dog, which means more to cuddle!

And we are sure that this will come as no surprise — a Maine Coon named Ludo holds the World Record for being the longest cat!

9. Sphynx

Our not-so-furry friends, the Sphynx cats, are born entertainers! They love to show off and do silly things to get your attention and, of course, they are very friendly as well.

Some of you may be surprised by these facts, but they are not actually hairless and are 4 degrees warmer than most other cats!

10. American Bobtail

American Bobtail cats may be independent and playful, but they still have a lot of love to give to their owners and other people.

Something that a lot of cat-lovers will like is that this breed of cats just loves to travel! So now you finally don’t have to find someone to look after them when you go on vacation and you can just bring your kitten along instead.

11. Ocicat

Don’t let their “wild” name fool you, Ocicats are actually wildly friendly and sociable. They will most likely love it if you bring friends over and will initiate playtime and cuddles.

Ocicats are probably the closest you can get to having an exotic cat, but without the aggressiveness!

12. Devon Rex

Devon Rex cats officially have the coolest name among all others! Aside from that, they are very energetic and love performing, which will entertain you all day, or until they get tired of course! And when that happens — they will cuddle up to you and purr until you smile!

They’ve earned some funny nicknames like “cat in a monkey suit,” because of how mischievous they are, “poodle cat,” because of their coat, and “alien cat,” because of the shapes of their head and ears!

13. Chartreux

Chartreux cats are very elegant, charming, and loyal, as well as very friendly and outgoing, and will absolutely get attached to every member of your family.

This cat’s existence was threatened during World War II, because people stopped breeding it. However, it was saved by people who crossbred it with different cats, like Persians. Even today some Chartreux are a lot fluffier than others because of that.

14. Burmese

Burmese cats are very kid and family-friendly and they get along perfectly with other Burmese cats. They love playing just as much as they love being lazy and keeping you company in bed on a Sunday!

According to historical records, most Burmese cats are descendants of a kitten called Wong Mau.

15. Persian

Persian cats are very warm, loving, and cuddly, so don’t be surprised if they climb into a stranger’s lap and decide to take a little nap.

People just love painting pictures of these cats! In fact, the world’s largest cat painting is of 42 cats and is called My Wife’s Lovers. The artwork was sold for over $820,000 and the “lovers” in it are Persians and Turkish Angoras.

What is one lovely and adorable thing your cat does? Please share your cute stories of you and your fluffy kittens with the rest of us!

Illustrated by Alice Perkmini for Bright Side