People Are Photoshopping Cats to Make Them Act Like Humans, and the Result Won the Internet

Cats are adorable creatures. And when they are too cute or funny, they are liked even more. They often try to imitate us, and many of them are Photoshopped by their owners so that they don't feel out of place.

Bright Side gathered a few pictures of Photoshopped cat pictures that will make you giggle for sure.

1. Oh! And she is stuck!

2. You'd better not mess with her.

3. The next singing idol?

4. That attitude though!

5. Ready for a selfie, my friends?

6. Ah! The waiting game is killing me.

7. Time to take my baby for a walk!

8. OK, no questions asked. This one is female.

9. Fish!! Slurrp...

10. Cat. The Bad Cat.

11. You don't talk while you eat.

12. After all, what are friends for?

13. You said something? I was a little busy.

14. I hate it when they make a mess. For goodness' sake, cats are living in this house.

15. It's finally the weekend!

16. And it's that time of year again! Ho ho ho!!

17. Have you got a bathroom here?

18. She never likes my posts. Always jealous!

19. You are in safe hands...err...claws, dear passengers!

Cats are amazing, and this Photoshopping has made them look even cuter, hasn't it? Have you got an album of your own cat's pictures to share? We'd be happy to see them!

Preview photo credit Portalmeow
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