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Science Explains Why Your Dogs May Look Exactly Like You

Strangers can successfully match photos of dogs with photos of their owners — this is a phenomenon that was found by scientists. It is not just a coincidence, there is a logical explanation of why it happens. So, if you have been ever told that you and your pet look alike, it’s no wonder.

We at Bright Side love to explore the roots of phenomena and found some curious evidence as to why your dog may have similar features to you.

Your dog may look less like you if you’ve just rescued a stray dog.

The more time we spend trying to pick a dog, especially a pedigreed one, the more they look like us. But, if you were walking on the street and saw a homeless dog, this trick may not work. It is just a spontaneous choice, where you didn’t try to pick according to the pets appearance.

Your dog’s appearance is your reflection.

Dr. Stanley Conor says that we simply like things that are familiar. We see a book that reflects us, so we buy it. It got obvious after the research. Women with longer hair tended to prefer the Springer Spaniel and the Beagle. Women with shorter hair tended to like Siberian Huskies and Basenjis more.

So, if people say that your puppy looks like you, it can be explained by our subconscious choice. We see a “reflection” of us, and we decide to take it. Then you groom it the way you like, buy it clothes you like — this all contributes to the dog’s appearance.

Your dog can imitate you.

Dogs are smart, and they can copy your behavior. One study tried to get dogs to open a door in whatever way they wanted. And the pets preferred the way they had just seen their owners use. They never choose a different way to open the door, even for treats.

It is interesting that it was also found that dogs tend to yawn contagiously just like people. So, if your adorable pet behaves like you, it’s because they are perfect imitators.

Your dogs can experience personality changes similar to your personality changes.

Researchers observed 1,600 dogs from 50 different breeds to see if their personality traits changed with time. And it turned out, that the answer is yes. They actually change a lot and this is associated with their human’s personality. Neurotic people get a neurotic type of dog, this also goes for active, playful, negative, and aggressive. Our personal features influence our pets and make them behave like we do.

Does your dog look like you? Please, share your photos with us in the comments below.