Someone Matches People With Their Dog Lookalikes, and We’re Barking With Laughter

The doppelgänger paradox has been discussed for years and yet never fails to impress us. Especially when it comes to lookalikes between humans and... dogs. Some scientists believe that pets looking like their owners is not a coincidence. But sometimes you might notice a surprising similarity between dogs and celebrities, as well as ordinary people that have never seen their double in real life.

And if you still haven’t met your doppelgänger, take it easy! Bright Side found 17 reasons to relax and have fun with us.

1. I can definitely relate to this!

2. These 2 look like they’ve found each other after years of active searching.

3. My face when I fail at something, but I’m not really surprised anymore:

4. When your dog feels your mood:

5. Monday is a hard day, even if you’re a dog.

6. We love this pious pair.

7. These 2 just made us go “Aww.”

8. Profile photos never fail to impress us.

9. When you and your dog are so cool that it’s hard to not be narcissistic.

10. Another day, another dollar...

11. Tails are back in fashion!

12. Beard goals: Achieved

13. Don’t mess with us.

14. We’re just cute little bunnies after all.

15. I solemnly swear that I am up to no good.

16. A look that will make anyone tell the truth

17. Their similarity is a little scary.

Would you dare to meet your doppelgänger? Do you have any idea what your reaction would be like? We’re thrilled to hear your opinion!

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