Study Says Sleeping With Your Pet Is Actually Good for You, and It’s the News We’ve Been Waiting For

According to the study, there are 2 types of pet owners. The first ones believe that sharing a bed with a fluffy friend is not healthy and can disrupt one’s sleep quality. While the other 41% do not care about biases and sleep soundly with their pet right next to them. Who is correct here? Let’s dive into this question and look at some benefits you may not know about.

We at Bright Side were also split into 2 sides, according to our beliefs. But 5 points below dispelled our doubts.

1. Ease chronic pain

There’s a special term that describes a condition where people are unable to sleep due to pain — painsomnia. For people with chronic pain, it can be a big problem. But this Canadian study has good news: having a pet may actually help those with chronic pain sleep better.

Pet owners support this idea, “I have CRPS (Complex Regional Pain Syndrome) and some nights leave me in terrible, burning pain... but my fur babies never fail to help the tears stop and distract me from the pain!”

2. Provide security

Some people prefer to have their pets in their beds because it makes them feel safer during long nights. They are sure that their pet will wake them up if there are any signs of a break-in. Over the course of this study, 41% of respondents confirmed it. Security is one of the feelings that help a person to forget about their worries and sleep better.

3. Help us to relax

The same study suggests that pets make us more relaxed. And it is very hard to disagree with this conclusion. No tension stands a chance against all this curled up, purring, warmth and love. And here is the confirmation, “If I start to get stressed or tense, she sits up and gives me kisses until I relax again.”

4. Help us forget about loneliness

There are some benefits for single people as well. They note that pets give them the support they need and help them to forget that there are no human relationships in their lives yet. There is something about having a companion in bed. And no doubt, it is easier to fall asleep and sleep well if you feel that there is always somebody near you.

5. Make sure we never oversleep

Pets have their own routine that they stick to (unlike people). And there are strong facts that suggest a fixed wake-up time is very beneficial for our health. Among other things, it helps us to avoid insomnia and decreases morning inertia. So, if your pets are behind closed doors, it can be difficult for them to reach you. But if you allow them to sleep with you, there is no way you are going to miss a chance for this healthier way of life.

Warning: Please make sure that you do not have any special health conditions (for example asthma) that forbid you from sleeping with an animal.

If you sleep with your pet, share a photo in the comments. We believe that just looking these pictures gives us good vibes, and that is one more benefit for our health!

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