The 10 Most Dangerous Things for Your Pet Around the House

Having a pet is a big responsibility that goes beyond feeding and walking it. The first thing to do is "dog-proof" or "cat-proof" your house and your lifestyle.

Bright Side prepared a list of things you should be constantly aware of to make your pet’s life safe. See which everyday items you consume and use can actually prove dangerous for your beloved.

10. Pizza

Some pizza toppings are dangerous for your pets, especially garlic, onion, and cheese. Certain cheese is okay for pets to eat, but the one commonly used in pizza is always high in lactose, which can be harmful to your pet. The sodium in pizza is another danger that can be fatal for your pet.

9. Medicine

The list of pills that should always be kept away from our 4-legged friends goes on and on. Generally speaking, any medicine that contains acetaminophen, such as Tylenol, is hazardous. This medicine causes liver damage in dogs or anemia in cats and can be fatal for the latter.

Tip: Always keep your pills in screw-top jars so your pet will not be able to reach the dangerously tiny and shiny medicine. If you ever drop your pills, make sure you crawl and find them before your pet does.

8. Chocolate, coffee, caffeine

A cup of coffee and a piece of chocolate might be vital for your mornings, but they can prove fatal for your pet. All of these products contain a substance poisonous for pets called methylxanthine (found in cacao seeds).

Consumption can cause panting, vomiting, convulsions, and even death. If you see any of these symptoms or suspect that your pet had a large amount of chocolate, call your vet immediately.

7. Grapes and raisins

These delicious human snacks should be left for humans as they contain a high level of toxicity for pets. Eating even a couple of grapes can result in tremors, vomiting, kidney failure, and lethargy.

Tip: Keep hazardous foods in containers or high enough to prevent your dog from reaching them. Make sure your guests know the rules before giving in to your furry friend's eyes and feeding them dangerous foods.

6. Alcohol

If you love your pet, make sure that alcohol never reaches them. It can bring the same harm to the liver and kidney as with humans and result in abnormal blood acidity, decreased coordination, coma, and heart failure/death.

5. Onion, garlic, and chives

Make sure these products are never left in a place that can be easily reached by your pet. They can cause gastrointestinal irritation and damage to red blood cells, resulting in anemia.

4. Insecticides

Keeping insects at bay is great but not at the expense of your pet’s health. The chemicals contained in insecticides are toxic to pets and can result in seizures, chronic anorexia, and muscle weakness, which can last for days or even weeks.

Tip: Always read the instructions on bug traps, and choose places that are effective but out of your pet’s reach.

3. Coins and metals

Some metals and coins can be swallowed without harm but absolutely not those made of zinc. If the item reaches the stomach, the zinc dissolves, which allows it to be absorbed into the bloodstream, leading to liver damage and kidney or heart failure.

Tip: If you suspect that your pet has eaten something that contains zinc, don’t try to make your pet vomit or give it any drink/food. Contact your vet immediately.

2. Laundry detergents

Most detergents consist of chemicals (ionic, anionic surfactants) that can bring on enormous drooling, suffocation, and vomiting. The biggest danger lies in laundry detergent pods as they smell good and look just like a toy or a candy for your pet, easily swallowed or bitten into.

1. “Spring cleaning” products

Learn this list by heart: drain/oven cleaners, concentrated toilet cleaners, dishwashing chemicals, and pool chemicals. These products can cause chemical burns if consumed or exposed to skin or fur. The circumstances range from severe fever and drooling to tearing of the eyes and lethargy.

Tip: Any cabinet that contains these items has to be pet-proofed to keep your pet’s exploration impulses away.

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