The 100 Greatest Dog Photos of All Time

Dogs are, hands down, adorable animals: they’re smart, playful, light-hearted and, most importantly, faithful creatures. They save people from burning buildings, they serve in the police, they play lead roles in movies, and they know how to be a good friend and bring the biggest smiles to our faces.

Take a look at these pictures and we're certain that you'll agree – there's nothing more wonderful in the world than having a furry loyal friend. Don’t miss the bonus picture of an incredible transformation of a husky dog at the end!

100. The marshmallow

99. ‘I’m all yours!’

98. ‘Let me be your Valentine!’

97. The therapist

96. ‘What the heck is that?’

95. ‘Is it me or has my favorite place got smaller?’

94. Mediation

93. 'You like my new wheels?'

92. Pixar

91. Master of disguise

90. Friends from the very first day

89. 'Don't worry, I can handle it!'

88. 'I can't believe I was adopted!'

87. On the cover of 'Dogue' magazine

86. 'How do you like my new look?'

85. 'Oh please, the view isn't that impressive.'

84. Master of panoramic shots

83. Everybody has a least one friend like this

82. 'Charisma is my second name.'

81. A true pizza fan

80. 'Uh-oh, I think I'm in trouble!'

79. 'Can you see them? Are they coming?'

78. 'Wait, and you'll see...'

77. It's all about balance

76. Not his first time on the beach.

75. 'Please, oh please, not the vet's again...'

74. The Chewbacca face

73. 'To hell with your diet!'

72. Achoo!

71. 'I see you...'

70. 'What's up, buddy, I'm listening!'

69. Mr. Good-looking

68. 'So, what do you think it can be, Doc?'

67. Got surprised a little.

66. 'Yay, our daddy's home!'

65. 'Ple-e-e-ase forgive me, I've changed, I swear!'

64. Bravo!

63. Crazy and free

62. '...Who's drunk? I'm drunk!?'

61. Give us your best smile

60.  Sweet Mother of God!

59. Master of hide-and-seek

58. A selfie pro

57. The furry knight

56. The photographer

55. Yoga class

54. 'No time to explain, get in the car!'

53. Live your life to the fullest!

52. 'Get off with your selfie!'

51. 'Over my dead body, I said!'

50. 'There there... You people are so sensitive!'

49. A wingman

48. Now that's comfy!

47. A real estate agent

48. 'We're soooo busted!'

47. 'I believe him. Shall we let him go?'

46. The artist

45. Peek-a-boo!

44. A sleep-fu master

43. 'See? I told you I'm flexible!'

42. The faithful friend

41. 'Do you wanna talk about it?'

40. Where's the end of this towel, exactly?

39. Dumbo

38. My mop is alive!

37. L'Oreal: because I'm worth It!

36. First day at work

35. A proud mother of six

34. The traveler

33. 'Two beers, please, for me and my friend'

32. 'Do whatever you want, I'm going to sleep!'

31. 'I look wonderful today!'

30. Long time, no see!

29. The champion

28. The cowboy

27. Now you may kiss the groom...

26. Dance like nobody's watching!

25. The Batman look

24. 'No way, are you serious?'

23. 'It's my favorite childhood toy!'

22. Confident

21. 'I never believed in gravity!'

20. The office manager

19. I'm Sexy and I Know It

18. 'I missed my station!'

17. The guardians

16. Me on Saturdays

15. 'People say we look alike, but I don't see it.'

14. Mission Impossible

13. The gardener

12. Today I'm your chef

11. The bullet

10. Botox is not an option!

9. Relax!

7. 'Cars are my only passion'

6. Pegasus

5.The developer

4. 'Never ditch your friends!'

3. 'You don't say!'

2. Make your bets, gentlemen!

1. I win!

Bonus: Don’t you recognize me?

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