The 15+ Most Unlikely Animal Friendships Caught On Camera

Several studies have shown that animals can make friendships with members of other species, and these bonds usually last for their entire lives. What's more, sometimes their connections might be so strong, that they even make people jealous.

We at Bright Side found 16 photos that are proof of very unexpected, yet awesome, animal friendships.

16. A seal and a penguin like hugs.

15. A capybara and some monkeys enjoying each other's company

14. True love knows no boundaries.

13. This pit bull actually raised a chicken.

12. This calf and cat are absolutely in love.

11. A dog and his birds, perfect harmony

10. A cheetah and a dog that grew up together

9. A fox and cat that look awesome together

8. This elephant and dog are friends despite their size difference.

7. "My friend’s German shepherd and bunny are best friends."

6. A cat and a dog: Who says that they don't get along?

5. A dog and a duck who like to take naps together

4. A baby elephant plays with baby ducks.

3. Another cat and dog. Rule breakers!

2. A calf who adores his piggy friend

1. This cat doesn't mind at all.

Do you know any other examples of unusual friendships? We'd be happy to see the photos of them in the comments!

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