The quokka’s rules for life

It's hard to understand the fact that this small 'rodent' isn't, in fact, a rodent at all. It's actually a kangaroo, just...a really small one. But what's even more interesting about the quokka is that lots of people call it the happiest animals in the world, and it's not hard to see why - because it's always smiling!

This happens because after eating their jaw muscles relax. They're having a kind of rest, and the result is that we see a broad smile on their adorable little faces.

Bright Side would like to offer you the chance to look at this natural wonder of the animal kingdom, whose cuteness is just beyond description.

Smile - it irritates everyone!

If you think that someone's eating a cookie without you, check!

If you pretend you're a goody two-shoes, the chances are someone will eventually give you some candy...

You can always stick your nose where it doesn't belong, so long as you do it quietly.

Remember to always stand up for yourself.

But, if you're really scared, hide behind your mom.

Always be yourself, unless you can be a quokka. Then be a quokka.

If you see a cookie - grab it!

Remember: a sound mind in a sound body!

Try to be absolutely charming every day.

Enjoy the little things.

And don't forget to smile even in your dreams.

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