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There’s a Lizard That Looks Like Spider-Man, and We Can’t Decide Who Wore the Suit Better

If animals had cosplays or other themed costume parties, we know for sure who would win first prize for the best outfit. Meet the Mwanza, a flat-headed rock agama, or Agama mwanzae, a lizard from Africa whose bright red and blue body turns it into the main character from the famous superhero movies and comic books.

Here at Bright Side, we just can’t unsee Spider-Man in this amazing lizard, and it’s time you saw it too.

As it often happens in the animal world, the male Agama mwanzae looks much brighter than their female counterparts. While female lizards of this species are mostly brown, male lizards wear a bright “costume,” that for many people, reminds them of Spider-Man with their bright red or violet heads, shoulders, and upper bodies, and blue legs and tail.

These bright, extravagant lizards live in Africa and can be found sunbathing on rocks in Tanzania, Kenya, and Rwanda. The behavior of these lizards is also quite exotic. When a male lizard finds a partner, he’ll gladly demonstrate head bobs and head swings to win the heart of his beloved lady.

We’ve prepared a colorful gallery of Agama mwanzae pictures, and we must say that we see some Spider-Man moves in the posture of these unusual reptiles. Do you feel any superhero vibes when looking at these pics?











What’s the most unusual animal you’ve ever seen? Did you take a picture of it? We’d be glad to find your stories and photos of amazing-looking animals in the comments!

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