These photos of orphaned sloths will make you feel warm and fuzzy inside

Just when you think you’ve had your fill of cute baby animals on the Internet…bam! These adorable baby sloths come along and turn your hardened heart into a big ball of mush. So curious. So playful. So utterly loveable. 

It’s easy to see how Sam Trull, wildlife conservationist, photographer, and co-founder of The Sloth Institute in Costa Rica, fell head-over-heels in love with these fascinating animals. Known as ‘The Mother of Sloths,’ she lives, works, and breathes all things sloth by rescuing, caring for, and rehabilitating orphaned sloths back into the wild.

Sadly, the number of baby sloths who lose their mothers through either direct or indirect human involvement is far too high. But luckily these orphans are rescued and cared for by organizations like KSTR and Toucan Rescue Ranch and then brought over to the Institute where they learn to be wild and then get released back to the rainforest for a second chance at life.

In a series of heartwarming images for her book ‘Slothlove,’ Sam Trull photographs the babies she nurtures from infancy to independence. Here are some of our favorites….

This gorgeous guy's name is Elvis. He looks so happy to be safe and warm! 

Meanwhile, this little diva Madonna finds comfort in her pink blanket. 

Sloth in a teacup! Too cute for words. 

Little Kermie here looks as snug as a....sloth in a towel. 

A trio of sleepy, snuggly sloths.  

Hello, cutie! 

So much love for these two snuggly babes. 

Being a baby sloth means living life in the slow lane. 

Total poser. 

Nothing to see here, just a sloth baby and his teddy bear being unbearably cute. 

Those who feel like being involved in this project, you can make a difference here.

Preview photo credit Primatography
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