We feel these 20 animals on a deep spiritual level

Sometimes our furry friends behave just like humans. Whether you like it or not, if you look close enough, you'll start seeing yourself in many different animals.

Bright Side presents 20 photos of extremely relatable animals that will quite simply make your day.

I miss you already and it's only been like five minutes

Me and the girls are scared of all the calories

Me trying to see something after I lost my glasses

Moved out of my parents' house, now living the high life

This is me being totally cool with you looking at other women

This is me on an endless Monday

I woke up like this

This is me living dangerously

This is me pretty much giving up

This is me kinda suspecting something

This is me being the little spoon

This is me being my luscious self

This is me after ditching work

Me, being very aware of what a goddess I am

Me after a long day

Me, blowing the world away with my daring art

Thank god, I missed everything

This is me knowing what I can handle

This is me sunbathing

Based on materials from etoya
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