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What the Sleeping Position of Your Pet Says About Their Mental State

Sleeping with their beloved pet gives many owners peace of mind, comfort, and a complete sense of relaxation at home. However, we rarely think about why pets sleep with us in certain positions. Professor Peter Neville, a leading specialist in animal behavior, together with pet welfare experts from the company Itchpet, explained what the position of your dog means when it’s sleeping with you.

To Bright Side, the researchers’ findings seemed very interesting because their sleeping position can tell a lot about a pet’s psychological state and their attitude toward their owner.

1. Faithful

If a pet sleeps at your feet, this is not always a sign of respect or recognition of the bed as your space, as most of us have been accustomed to thinking or even seeing in artwork. You most likely roll over in your bed while sleeping and the animal is just trying to choose the position closest to you, but at the same time keep a safe distance so they can retreat in case of an inconvenience.

2. In a ball in the curve of your legs

If you sleep in the fetal position and your pet lies comfortably in the curve of your legs, then it has complete confidence in you and holds you responsible for its well-being. This is usually the position that puppies and kittens prefer when sleeping with their mother. This way, the animal shows it feels protected and literally sleeps like a baby.

3. Donut’s Center

If your pet sleeps curled up in a ball between your legs, it is most likely trying to protect itself from unwanted noise that may be disturbing. Both cats and dogs can hear much higher frequencies of sound than humans and so they try to hide from it in the warm, soundproof “bubble” of your legs.

4. Wall

If the pet is trying to get between you and your partner, then the animal might be looking for a place where it feels warm and safe. But the “wall” position can also mean that the dog or cat is trying to keep the other person away from you. Most likely, the pet is jealous and therefore trying to get your attention.

5. Pillow Invader

If the pet occupies the entire pillow for itself, it is looking for extra softness and comfort during sleep. As soon as the animal wakes up, it usually starts waking you up so it can receive its breakfast as quickly as possible.

6. Likes sleeping under a blanket

If your pet is hiding under the blanket, it’s looking for special comfort and security. Also, some dogs sleep better when they are covered by something that is not too heavy.

7. Flatterer

If your pet gets closer to your head little by little, then it depends heavily on you and wants to show its love by trying to fall asleep as close as possible to your face, where it can feel your heartbeat and listen to your breathing while you sleep.

8. Snuggler

If your pet prefers to sleep in your arms, then it needs to see your face and feel your heartbeat, which creates additional confidence in the animal that you are well. In addition, this posture gives it the ability to move quickly to other parts of the bed or to the floor if you change your position.

9. Superhero

Your mascot stretches face down next to you. This position is most often taken by dogs, and less often by cats. The animal wants to maintain close contact with you for as long as possible, while enjoying the fact that you are petting it. In addition, the pet chooses this position to be ready to respond to any outside risk factors and to quickly protect the well-being of its owner.

10. Octopus

In the morning you discover that your pet is sleeping in the middle of the bed, while you are about to fall to the floor. The night before, the animal probably lied down in such a way that it was comfortable for both of you, but after you fell asleep, the pet took over more and more space to get more comfortable. This posture is a characteristic of spoiled animals, who know for sure that their owner will fulfill their every whim.

Which position does your pet usually sleep in?