What would humans look like if they evolved from different animals?

Darwin's evolutionary theory that states that humans descended from apes is familiar to everyone from high school biology class. Since humans are really good at spotting patterns in the world around them, you can frequently notice an amazing facial resemblance between humans and various different animals.

French painter, art theorist and philosopher Charles Le Brun, along with other disciplines, took an interest in the study of physiognomy, i.e. the study of the relationship between facial features and character. In his work, ''Treatise on facial expression,'' Le Brun depicted fascinating images showing what humans would have looked like if they had evolved from different animals. The result of the painter’s fantasy are really quite bizarre, but well worth a look.

A Lion

An owl

A raccoon

An eagle


A ram

A bull

A camel

A mountain goat

A bear

A wild boar

A rabbit

A donkey

Preview image credit: wellcomeimages

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