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Who said animals can’t smile?

People often say that animals can't think and are entirely governed by their instincts. But when you look at these photos, do you really believe that? Just look at the range of emotions they express, the happiness in their eyes!

We at Bright Side never cease to be amazed and touched by the expressions we see on all kinds of animals. Maybe one day some of them will be able to take over from cats as the Internet's favorite animal?

We really didn't want to sneeze into your cake...

I drank so much, and yet I'm not drunk at all...*hick*!

The expression of someone who's just turned the pillow over to the cold side.

How do you like my new haircut?

Hello! I'm a representative of the Holy Mollusc. Do you believe in life above the water?

Hey, girl...that's right! I'm looking at you!

I woke up at 7 am, but then I realized it's Sunday...

— What is that perfume you're wearing?

— Perfume? I just fell in a barrel of fish!


Someone's in a good mood!

When you're in a good mood because you're not hungry...

Mom! The whole class can see me!

Great joke, boss!

When you don't revise at all for a test and still get a B...

Someone's giving me the eye...

Selfie time!

When you turn up late for work because you overslept and hope no one noticed

When you remember your birthday's coming up

Preview photo credit paul-spielvogel
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