10 amazing books that will make you forget about everything else

10 amazing books that will make you forget about everything else

These books will grab you right from the first page and won’t let go until the very last one. Books like these make us spend all our time reading. You will most probably sacrifice your sleep hours, everyday chores and maybe even work.

These 10 books will definitely lure you into their magical world.

Twenty-Four Hours in the Life of a Woman

Stefan Zweig
Stefan Zweig, an Austrian novelist in his ‘Twenty-Four Hours in the Life of a Woman’ somehow succeeded in revealing a person’s most intimate feelings in a very delicate way. Stunningly detailed descriptions of numerous characters and their relationships will make you feel like you really know these people, and they live their lives right beside you.

Five Quarters of the Orange

Joanne Harris
The story is about the youngest daughter who inherited her mother’s cookbook. In her own café she uses old recipes from the book and tries to understand what is written between the lines. The book says that some things are better left unsaid, and some terrifying secrets from one’s past are better left unrevealed.

Forrest Gump

Winston Groom
Before the great movie impressed us with sincere and adorable slow-witted Forrest, the world had welcomed the book of the same name. It’s all in one: a myth of the American dream, a touching love story and a stinging satirical picture. It’s worth mentioning, though, that the book suggests a main character who is a bit smarter and more fantastic life situations.


Arthur Hailey
Airport employees face a series of unfortunate events: a snowstorm that brings chaos to the airport, a crush on the board of a plane and disappearance of a supply track. These troubles come along with personal issues and dramas, and everything happens in one Friday night. This breathtaking story written in an unusual office romance genre will definitely grab you from the beginning.

Monday Begins on Saturday

Boris and Arkady Strugatsky
The Scientific Research Institute of Sorcery and Wizardry is the place you won’t be willing to leave. The magic here is studied through scientific research and investigations, and those who study it refuse to have even a little break from their favorite activity. Once the book is finished, you may feel the urgent need to reread it.

The Lady in the Car with Glasses and a Gun

Sébastien Japrisot
‘The Lady in the Car with Glasses and a Gun’ is a wonderful psychological detective story with a special emphasis on its characters. Sometimes you can almost literally feel the wind, the main character’s despair and lack of confidence. The whole book is her attempt to find out everything, reevaluate her own life and to find her true self.

Bel ami

Guy de Maupassant
The novel chronicles the life of one common opportunist, Georges Duroy, who achieves everything in life by manipulating powerful and wealthy women in Paris. Although he can’t be described as a man of dignity and outstanding manners, his adventures do really grab the readers. His way up to fame and success is full of self-confidence, however, it’s not only him and his personality; it’s also the society he lives in and those beliefs they share that made him successful and rich.

Loneliness on the Net

Janusz Wiśniewski
‘Loneliness on the Net’ is one of the most thrilling love novels written in recent years. Main characters meet in internet chat rooms, where they share erotic fantasies and real stories of their lives. In the end they will meet in Paris, having undergone a number of challenging situations, but the most difficult test is going to be the meeting itself.

Love in the Time of Cholera

Gabriel García Márquez
A young girl, Fermina, rejects the feelings of her childhood friend and marries a scientist who dreams of combating cholera in Spanish colonies. Márquez succeeded in telling the love story in a sensual and poetic manner with humor and wisdom mixed in perfect proportions.

Cloud Atlas

David Mitchell
Cloud atlas is no ordinary novel that you can gallop through in one evening. This is a symphony of six instruments and six different life stories. Each reader will get his very own unique understanding of the book, and the overall big picture will form quite unexpectedly. It’s similar to the process of assembling a puzzle — different people may get different results. If it sounds like magic to you, it’s because it is really pure magic. The magic of words!

We encourage you to share your favorite books that grab you right from the start!

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