10 Bizarre School Rules From All Over the World

School rules are necessary to establish a healthy and positive environment for each student to grow and learn. But some rules out there are hard to justify and bring out a lot of discussion between school management, teachers, parents, and psychologists.

Bright Side made a list of some of the most unusual and controversial school rules and punishments around the world. Which one do you find the strangest?

10. Frozen peas

A student from China revealed a photo of her knees after she was subjected to a school punishment of kneeling on frozen peas. Some claim that this practice is common among teachers and parents throughout Asia.

9. Best friends

Schools in England and beyond are starting to forbid students to have best friends. Some parents, teachers, and psychologists claim that kids grow up more well adjusted if they have bigger friend groups. Besides, nobody feels left out.

Critics argue that best friends bring lifelong value. A study by Child Development found that those with best friends have better mental health throughout their lives.

8. Coloring hair

Schools in Tokyo ban students from dyeing their hair. 57% of public schools in the capital require pupils to prove that their hair is their natural color. To prevent students from lying, teachers may have to call home to ask parents for childhood photos.

This is explained by the homogeneous culture. There is a lot of focus on uniformity, so a small difference from the norm stands out a lot and brings criticism.

7. "Poverty," "birthdays," and 48 more words

The New York Department of Education banned a number of words from being used in standardized tests issued by the city. Students who are Jehovah’s Witnesses might not feel comfortable talking about birthdays as they don’t celebrate them. Words like poverty, divorce, and disease are out too as they might bring up painful memories or relate to a child’s family situation.

6. Red ink

We grew up with teachers marking our assignments with red ink, a bright color to point out all our mistakes. These days, red ink is banned by many schools in Australia and the UK. Some claim that red ink can harm kids psychologically as the color demotivates students or brings fear and pressure.

Green, pink, yellow, purple, and blue are more relaxing, and checks or crosses don’t look threatening anymore.

5. Raising hands

The age-old practice of raising hands to answer a question, according to a school in Nottinghamshire, is useless and has been banned. The principal of the school claims they always have the same hands going up. This does not encourage and support the learning of others in the class. Now a teacher can choose any student to answer the question.

Some parents argue that now their kids feel nervous and scared. They might be chosen when they don’t know the answer and lose the opportunity to answer the question they do know.

4. Deodorant

A high school in Pennsylvania banned AXE body spray after a student had a serious allergic reaction and was taken to the hospital. This was not the first case. More schools have started to ban spray deodorants as teenagers sometimes overspray in their desire to smell good. Allergic reactions and fire alarms going off are on the list of over-spraying consequences.

3. Nap time

Students in China are allowed to take a 30-minute nap in the middle of the day. Teachers believe that a nap can improve one's memory and provide energy for further studying. Elementary school students can nap on the desks and are allowed to bring blankets and pillows. Older students have to nap in a sitting position, which often results in uneven muscle development and spine problems.

2. Toilet time

A high school in Chicago limits the number of times a student is allowed to leave a class to visit the bathroom: 3 in a semester. Anything over that has to be made up after school ends. The principal explained to parents that students may use a restroom visit as an excuse to miss class.

1. Handstands

Asia is famous for being strict with their students and giving unusual punishments. One of these is making students do handstands for being late or talking during class. The list also includes push-ups, running, or keeping your hands in the air. It can even go as far as a slap.

Did you have any unusual rules in your school? Share with us in the comments.

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