10 Crazy and Dangerous Beauty Inventions Thank Goodness Were Left in the Past

"Beauty requires sacrifice" is a phrase that perfectly illustrates this list of dangerous inventions.

In the 1920s through the 1950s, many eternal beauty trends were born. Whether it consisted of hairstyles and clothing, or even beauty industry inventions, almost all of them became total sensations that left their mark in history. But not everybody knows that there were also some inventions - which thankfully for us - were forgotten because they were harmful to our health!

Bright Side found some of the craziest beauty inventions and we can't wait to show them to you. Take a look at these and remember to be mindful of your health.

10. The Beauty Micrometer

This special device was created to help makeup artists see all the asymmetries, defects and unevenness of the face of a model. After using this beauty micrometer, makeup artists could be sure of what needed correcting and which cosmetics to use.

This device required a lot of metal screws and strips to be fixed on a woman's head, and the master had nearly 325 ways to adjust the helmet for the best results. Of course, sometimes it wasn't a comfortable procedure since the master could press the model's head with these strips too strongly. After using this micrometer many times, the model would often be left with painful headaches.

9. The Hair Waver

This device promised permanent waves to women who wanted a wavy hairstyle. The first step was to apply a chemical solution to their hair and after that, the hairdresser would wind the woman's hair on hot curlers which were also extremely close to the head at all angles. Of course, this process was incredibly damaging to the hair, but in that time, women were obsessed with new trends and health would often be an afterthought.

8. Hangover Heaven

This mask with lots of plastic cubes filled with ice water was specially made to refresh models' faces during fashion shows as not to spoil their makeup. But a bit later, people started to use the mask as a way to refresh their faces after parties. Ice cubes were excellent at removing puffiness after a night of heavy drinking - that's why it was called "Hangover Heaven"! But, of course, it wasn't good for your face if you wore it for a long time as it could give you frostbite.

7. The Freckles Remover

Nowadays, freckles have become a fashion trend and the girls who didn't get them from mother nature are suddenly starting to draw them on or use permanent makeup. But not that long ago, freckles were considered defects of the skin, and all fashionistas were keen on keeping their skin clear. Many women had a strong desire to remove their freckles, which is why this extreme procedure was invented.

The makeup artist would apply a special chemical fluid onto the woman's face, and a gadget that would close the eyes, nostrils, and mouth as not to give a chemical burn. Freckles were to disappear in a week. As you can imagine, this was a pretty dangerous procedure.

6. The Glamour Bonnet

This helmet contained lowered atmospheric pressure inside of it, which was supposed to help with blood circulation. Everybody believed that after such a procedure, a woman would look fresher and her skin would appear more tight and young. But not everybody could try it because a side effect of using this gadget was similar to the feeling you'd get if you were to fly very high on a plane or climb a mountain. Some of the weaker beauties would faint, or just wouldn't feel very well.

5. A warming mask

This mask was made to help blood circulation by heat, making a woman's face look more smooth and healthy. The general idea of this mask wasn't bad, but the mask's construction just wasn't safe, as many girls would set it to maximum heat which was harmful to their skin and overall health.

4. The Dimple Machine

Dimples used to be very desirable! So for women who didn't have them at birth, Isabella Gilbert invented a strange contraption. It was just a spring with two knobs that would press into a woman's cheeks in just the right places. The inventor promised that after wearing it for many days, women would have very natural looking dimples. But it was very uncomfortable while chewing and it wasn't good for a woman's bite. In fact, it was likely to cause an overbite after long time use.

3. The Nose Corrector

Here's another pressing contraption, but this time, it was for the nose. A commercial for this invention promised women that it could change their noses without having to have an operation, simply by pressing on them. This contraption would give new form to a person's nose, making bigger noses appear more thin and straight. The effect was of course, temporary and this gadget was preventing healthy, normal breathing.

2. Toxic cream

Radium is the first word you would see in this product's commercial. Yes, it's true! They really used radium in a cream for women's faces. Nowadays, everybody knows that radium is very dangerous, so for us, the idea of putting it on your face is pretty wacky. The inventors promised that this cream would rejuvenate the face and that the radium would clean it "in a magical way".

1. The Scalp Massager

This electric vibrator with four disks promised a soothing scalp massage. It was invented to stimulate blood circulation, making the hair grow faster and was believed to prevent hair loss. The idea of such stimulation was good, but it was a bit rude to publically suggest to women and it was healthier for women to do it at home by themselves.

Which one of these beauty inventions was the craziest in your opinion? Did any of them seem smart to you? Share your thoughts in the comments!

Illustrated by Yekaterina Ragozina for Bright Side
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