10 Discontinued Food Items You Wish You Could Still Buy

One moment they were here in all their quirky-but-delicious glory. The next, these snacks had disappeared forever from our shelves, leaving us to search desperately for alternatives. Here, Bright Side takes a look at some of the most sorely missed of discontinued food items.

1. Guacamole Doritos

This beautiful combination of chip and dip seemed the natural next step in the Dorito evolution. Tragically, they were discontinued in 2006 and are currently only available in limited runs in places such as Canada, so you'll have to hit Amazon if you want this guac goodness in your life!

2. Nintendo Cereal System

Despite the fact that many millennials weren't even born when these were released (and subsequently discontinued), we can all take a moment to appreciate the retro greatness of this half-Super Mario, half-Zelda themed cereal. Now considered memorabilia, old boxes of this have been sold on eBay for up to $200!

3. Cinnamon Spice Tic Tacs

Everyone's favorite miniature mint brand brought out these cinnamon beauties in the 1970s, and for a glorious period, everyone's breath could smell like Christmas morning. Sadly, it wasn't to last, and Tic Tac confirmed on their website that this flavor, along with its alleged cold-busting abilities, was discontinued.

4. Oreo O's

In what was probably the greatest stroke of genius in human history, someone took a look at Oreo cookies and thought, "This should be a cereal." Thus, Oreo O's were created in 1997, ushering in the golden age of cereal. In 2007, however, it was discontinued everywhere except South Korea. However, cereal nuts swear that Malt-O-Meals are still producing these under the guise of a 'Cookies & Cream' cereal.

5. Cadbury Snaps

Those outside of the UK may never have discovered these delicious treats. Picture, if you will, a Pringle made out of chocolate. Snaps were that simple and that ingenious, coming in an array of flavors including mint, orange, and caramel. They are no longer available in supermarkets or listed on Cadbury's website, and so we return to regular Pringles with heavy hearts.

6. Reese's Bites

The nation's favorite peanut butter cups have had their fair share of variations, but before Reese's Pieces came Reese's Bites: little balls of chocolate-peanut-buttery goodness that were perfect for cinema snacking. They were discontinued in the US by 2007 due to being deemed a choking hazard. Although Canada hung on to them for a little longer, they eventually disappeared into the treat abyss.

7. Butterfinger BB's

Speaking of chocolate-peanut-buttery goodness... Butterfinger BB's were featured on The Simpsons, which obviously made them the must-have snack for kids everywhere. Discontinued in 2006, they were replaced three years later with Butterfinger Bites, which were considered to be such a poor replacement that petitions were started to bring back the original BB's.

8. Hubba Bubba Bubble Jug

While powdered bubble gum doesn't necessarily sound like the most delicious of snacks, this was a childhood staple for many. While it seems just about possible to track down the tropical fruit flavor on eBay, the grape and orange crush favorites have disappeared for good.

9. Dunkaroos

The sweet-tooth version of Dairylea Dunkers, Dunkaroos were minature cookies which could be dipped into icing. Hugely popular in the '90s, they were discontinued in 2012 but continued to be made in Canada. This prompted the company to encourage Canadians to bring them over to America, a process they called...wait for it..."Smuggleroos."

10. Nabisco Swiss Cheese Crackers

Another beloved snack that now only exists in Canada, these Swiss Cheese Crackers were hugely popular in the '80s. People were devastated when they were later discontinued in the States. So devastated, in fact, that a Facebook group was set up calling for their return.

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