10 Everyday Things You’re Constantly Doing Wrong

We tend to activate autopilot when it comes to our daily routine, doing it all without much thought. As kids, we learn to do simple tasks by copying adults. Just one problem: there’s no proof they are doing it right.

Bright Side decided to help you relearn the everyday things you've constantly been doing wrong.

10. Holding the steering wheel

It’s vital to know the proper way of holding the steering wheel as it can save you from injuries in a car accident. The safest place to put your hands is on the center line (as in the above picture). This position prevents the airbags from opening up into your hands and arms, thus protecting your head and body.

9. Toilet seat position

You should always flush with the toilet seat down if you don’t want germs flying all over your bathroom and bathroom items (towel, toothbrush, etc). Every time you flush a toilet, the swirling water mixes with small particles of feces and spreads them into the air.

8. Best time to apply deodorant

The least effective time to apply an antiperspirant is in the morning right after a shower. Deodorant gets into your sweat ducts and clogs them. However, since your sweat level in the morning is usually higher, your antiperspirant just washes off.

The best thing to do is apply it right before bed when your skin is drier and your sweat glands are not that active. Deodorant usually lasts 24 hours, which means your pores will be plugged even after you shower in the morning.

7. Neat drawers

The best way to utilize space, avoid annoying wrinkles, and make it easy to find that perfect fashion item is to roll up your clothes.

6. Coughing

We are always told to use our hands to cover our mouth and nose when we cough or sneeze, but this is completely wrong. Viruses easily spread through touch – after you sneeze or cough, you use your hands to open doors, touch tickets and money, or hold a handrail.

Instead, use the crook of your elbow or your sleeve to minimize the spread of germs.

5. Cleaning a blender

Do not waste time scrubbing your blender when it can be cleaned in a couple of seconds. Just pour in water, add your dishwashing liquid, and blend. Done!

4. Sleeping position

You might enjoy sleeping on your stomach, but this strains your back and spine. Stress on the spine can cause pain in many other parts of the body and result in sleeping less and feeling more tired throughout the day.

Sleeping on your back is the perfect position for keeping your spine and neck healthy.

3. Keyboard "legs"

When you learn to type, you’re usually told to extend those little legs at the bottom of the keyboard to see the keys better. Once you can touch-type, however, you should stop using the legs because they can make your wrists ache.

2. Hanging pants

When you’re already late for work, the last thing you need to be worrying about is a clumsy fold mark on your pants. Just cut a paper towel tube lengthwise, wrap it around your hanger, and tape it closed. One less Monday morning stress.

1. Shoelaces

Put the laces through the top holes (as shown in the picture) to create something that looks like bunny ears. Then crisscross, and pull them through. This will prevent your shoelaces from untying at the worst possible moment.

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