10 Facts About Brain Work Which Prove We’re Capable of Anything

Our brain is amazing. It can help us to reach any peak, make our most cherished dreams come true, and achieve the most complicated goal. Yet, if we want it all, we should first understand the principles on which our brain works.

Bright Side invites you to learn the facts about brain work and start using them today.

Our brain reacts to every thought and cannot tell a fact from a fantasy. This is why people looking at the world through rose-colored glasses feel happier, and this is why our body accepts a placebo as a real pharmaceutical product.

The feeling of brain fatigue arises because of our emotions. The composition of blood flowing through the brain during its active work remains unchanged. Although, for example, blood from the veins of a man who has worked all day changes considerably.

More than half of today's thoughts are thoughts from yesterday. This is why it's so difficult for pessimists to change their perception of the world. They need to literally "clean" their brain and make it react to positive things more often.

Any thoughts turn into life experiences. For example, if you dream about a trip to Paris, you'll see reminders of this city everywhere. If you want to change the world around you, change your thoughts.

The brain is no different from muscles: it also needs training. Learning, fresh air workouts, healthy eating, sound sleep, traveling to new places, new activities, making notes, dancing, and even playing Tetris are all useful for your brain.

Even when we sleep, our brain continues to work hard. Moreover, its activity during sleep is even higher than during the day.

In order not to drown in thousands of negative thoughts, we need to "shut ourselves down" to give a break to our immune system. Don't forget about active rest: for our brain, it's the most useful kind of relaxation.

To "save" new memories, our brain needs to get rid of old ones. It would be nice if we were able to decide what to remember and what to forget. To do this, we need to use the information we want to preserve more often.

Our brain reacts to pain but doesn't feel it itself because of the lack of necessary receptors. Although this fact doesn't apply to lots of blood vessels, nerves, and tissues that surround the brain.

Any kind of activity makes our brain generate new neural connections. If we think we're not able to achieve a promotion, this idea will only strengthen in our consciousness over time. But if you use the phrase "I'll succeed," the brain itself will give you opportunities to realize your goal.

We have the ability to achieve absolutely everything. The main thing is to believe.

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