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10 Foolproof Ways to Survive Hot Summer Nights

When temperatures rise up, it can be especially hard at night when it gets too hot to sleep. Even if you don’t have an air conditioner to save you, there are still plenty of simple things that can help you beat the heat and get a good night’s rest.

Bright Side came up with 10 ultimate ways to make sure that nothing spoils your peaceful sleep.

1. Make sure air is flowing.

Ventilation is key to keeping cool. If you have a fan, have it face an open window and place your bed in between. This will help keep the breeze flowing through your bedroom.

2. Change your sheets.

When we say “change” your sheets, we mean “replace” them, at least for the summer. Make sure they are lightweight and light-colored, as this will help reflect light and heat instead of absorbing it. If your sheets are designed to keep you warm during the winter, they’re just not meant for summer use.

3. Use smaller pillows.

Likewise, if your pillows are designed to help you keep warm during cold nights, you should get a summer replacement. This is especially important for your head since it can end up being the warmest part of your body. Choose a small, firm pillow for when you sleep. Maybe try your couch pillows.

4. Dress comfortably.

If you like to wear a nightgown or pajamas, make sure they are light and loose to help you keep cool. Of course, there are some people who like to sleep without any clothes, but we’ll leave that option up to you.

5. Make your bed cold.

You may have noticed a trend: do the opposite of what you would do to keep warm during winter. Some people like to use a hot water bottle to keep warm during cold nights, so do the opposite. Stick it in the freezer and keep cool. In ancient Egypt, people would also keep cool by using a wet sheet to cover themselves in before going to sleep. Either get your sheets straight out of your washing machine or spray your bed with a water bottle. Then, just lie on top of it.

6. Know your cooling points.

When people get sick, they might keep a cool cloth on their forehead to cool down their fever. It seems reasonable that this simple trick will help even when you aren’t sick. While it’s always important to keep a cool head, that doesn’t mean you should ignore the bottom of your body. Before going to bed, keep your feet in cold water. This helps the pulse points in your feet to cool down and reduce body heat. If you don’t mind the extra moisture, keeping your hair wet while you lie down to sleep can also give you some relief. Just take a shower before bedtime.

7. Keep your body low.

Since warm air rises up, the floor is meant to be cooler than your own bed. Try to keep yourself comfortable. For instance, use a sleeping bag or a mattress on the floor.

8. Leave a sheet over the window.

Open your window and hang up a draping material to block out the sun. Some people find that keeping the sheet wet helps make things even cooler. It’s best to make sure there is a nice breeze in the air...and make sure you aren’t using your good curtains! There are also special blinds that are designed to help people keep heat from coming in through the windows.

9. Watch what you eat.

You don’t want to put your metabolic system to work while you sleep. In general, don’t eat right before bed and save your larger meals for earlier in the day. Cold foods like ice cream and watermelon can give you temporary relief when you’re hot but spicy food might be a secret weapon against the heat. For many people, the sweating caused by spicy foods can help them cool off during the heat. Of course, everyone has different reactions to spicy foods, so be careful.

10. Make your own air conditioner.

If you don’t have an air conditioner, you can upgrade your fan. There are all kinds of DIY air conditioners you can try. Some people have a fan blow into a styrofoam box with holes cut into it. Others like to make a fan out of a cooler, once again, with holes blowing out the air. You can even place a bowl of ice in front of your fan. As the ice melts, the fan will blow a cool breeze right to you.

What are some clever ideas you use to keep cool during those sleepless summer nights? Share with us in the comments!

Illustrated by Yekaterina Ragozina for Bright Side
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